The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 223 – Do Your Best

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Chapter 223 – Do Your Best

At that time, in order to complete missions, she could motionlessly lurk in a wilderness full of poisonous insects for seven days and nights, all for the purpose of striking the lethal blow.

So would an insignificant pain like Burning Heart and Forged Body make her yield?

Hexi sneered, her gaze suddenly becoming resolute. “What should I do to pa.s.s this trial?”

The man seemed surprised for a moment, then he lightly laughed, “I really haven’t seen such determined eyes for quite a while.”

After a pause, his smile vanished and he continued, “Pa.s.sing this first trial is actually very simple, you only need to keep circulating your spiritual power around your body during this painful torture, until the trial ends. Remember, your spiritual power must keep moving, it can’t stop even for a moment; if it stops, your bones and meridians will immediately be jolted apart and you’ll die.”

“Little girl, don’t think that this kind of trial is very easy. With such a tremendous amount pain, your mind will be unable to concentrate, while your Divine Sense will also become weaker. If you want to control your spiritual power, you must use willpower and determination a hundred times more focused than usual.”

“I understand,” Hexi’s face was tranquil as she nodded, not a trace of nervousness or fear in her eyes.

A touch of admiration flashed in the man’s eyes, and he lightly laughed as he said, “Since that’s the case, then let’s begin.”

The man’s voice had just faded, when a portion of ice cold spiritual power wrapped around Hexi’s body. In a flash, intense pain a.s.saulted her four limbs, bones, and internal organs once again. However this time, she clenched her jaws tightly, sat cross-legged, and closed her eyes as she steadily began to circulate her spiritual power.

A corner of the man’s mouth hooked up, and as the dense mist that covered his face dispersed, it revealed refined and handsome features.

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His pensive gaze landed on Hexi as she meditated cross-legged on the floor, and it was quite a long time before he chuckled, “Little girl, if you really are able to endure this trial, then there will be great benefits to your cultivation in the future. But really, the fact remains that pa.s.sing this trial is extremely difficult, so do your best you!”

“You…you! This rotten egg, you deceived my Mother! I’ll beat you to death!”

Abruptly, the little Golden Dragon felt his body heavily hit by someone, and as he immediately stumbled and fell from Hexi’s shoulder, he heard the voice of an angry child.

The little Golden Dragon was lucky, and narrowly avoided the miserable fate of falling to the ground by using his tail and hooking it around Hexi’s neck.

As soon as he had steadied himself and looked up, he saw a pink little pig standing not too far away and glaring straight at him with anger in his eyes, as if he wanted to skin him alive.

The little Golden Dragon saw this adorable little pig, and he didn’t know why, but his anger at being hit was suddenly doused, like water being poured over fire. He subconsciously used a slightly gentler voice as he asked, “Where did you come from little pig? How can you enter Zijin Palace, don’t you know it’s very dangerous here?”

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