The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 222 – Maha Inheritance

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Chapter 222 – Maha Inheritance

The little Golden Dragon’s voice lost its proud and lovably annoying tone as it turned solemn, heavily resonating in Hexi’s ears as it said, “Now that your mind has been imprinted with the previous owner’s divine knowledge, the door to the trial has officially opened. Remember; when you accept the trial you have to concentrate, you cannot get distract and don’t stop. If the test is interrupted, it will lead to your cultivation base been broken off, and you will lose your life. Do you understand?”

Hexi nodded slightly, and soon after slowly dispelled the distracting thoughts in her mind. Closing her eyes, she entered a meditation practice mode.

And so the light grey smoke curling around Hexi’s body slowly gathered together; gradually disappearing into her, as if completely melding with her.

With that, she felt a mysteriously powerful force enter her body in a split second, causing her whole person to feel like it had been brought into a void.

The spiritual power in her body began to move uncontrollably, and the empty s.p.a.ce in her dantian where it had been stored, slowly started to grow larger. Steadily, her cultivation base that had already attained Foundation Establishment stage began to rise.

Hexi felt delighted; she hadn’t expected that the Inheritance of Zijin Palace would unexpectedly enhance her cultivation base. Could it be that this Inheritance didn’t only involve alchemy and wasn’t so simple?

However, the next moment, Hexi’s complexion suddenly changed.

An intense pain came from her chest, and soon after, a pain that felt like someone was using a blade to cut into her meridians and four limbs spread throughout her body in a flash. Next, Hexi felt like countless ants were creeping along her bones and biting her bone marrow; such pain was beyond what an ordinary person would be able to endure.

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“Argh—” The sound of a groan slipped out from Hexi’s mouth. She wanted to abandon her meditative position and examine what was happening with her body.

Hexi frowned but didn’t speak.

The man sighed and said, “Ordinary people absolutely aren’t able to endure the pain of Burning Heart and Forged Body. Little girl, since your cultivation base is only at Foundation Establishment stage, it’s absolutely impossible for you to pa.s.s. This is the reason I set up restrictions so that only Gold Core stage martial artists or higher can enter the secret territory’s inner core. If you choose to give up now, you won’t lose anything, but once the trial starts, you will undoubtedly die if you fail to pa.s.s.”

Ordinary people can’t endure it? But since when was she, Hexi, an ordinary person?

Thinking back, this was like the time when she was still training in the organisation. She sat with her eyes closed in a cage, and she didn’t eat or drink for three days and nights straight. During that time, she wrestled with her comrades and fought with wild animals, and when she came out, none of the flesh on her body was still intact.

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