The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 220 – Determination

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Chapter 220 – Determination

Hexi glanced at what the little Golden Dragon was looking at, and saw a woman dressed in a white muslin dress. The woman’s face was covered with a veil as with a burst of spiritual power, she landed on the patch of gra.s.s that Hexi had previously been standing on.

Her beautiful eyes gleamed like water reflecting sunlight as she examined her surroundings, and as she turned to look in the direction of the forest, a determined expression appeared on her face.

Just then, a gentle breeze reached the woman and lifted her veil, revealing an elegant, exquisite, and cold mien.

It’s Feng Lian Ying–!!

Hexi’s brows rose in surprise, and suddenly, before her eyes, a towering and majestic palace appeared before her.

The entire structure of this palace was enveloped by a purple light, and next to it, countless silver bells hung around an octagonal pavilion. When the wind swept pa.s.sed, a sweet, melodious sound could be heard.

The little Golden Dragon looked at the forest behind him and relief spread across his face. “Fortunately, she’s only just arrived at the Verdant Golden Forest, so there’s still some time left. Master, quickly go in! You must pa.s.s the test to receive the inheritance before she comes!”

Hexi’s deep eyes glanced back at the forest, before she then walked into Zijin Palace.


While standing in the forest, Feng Lian Ying held a jade tablet in her hand; the corners of her mouth showing the hints of a cold smile.

This jade tablet was a treasure that her Master had given to her before she departed. With this jade tablet, she had been able pa.s.s through The Door Of Emptiness and bypa.s.s layer upon layer of restrictions, until finally, she had been delivered to the inner core of the secret territory.

While other people were still fighting for their lives in the outer layers of the secret territory, she was now close to the treasure hidden in the secret territory’s inner core.

In addition to the Inheritance hidden in Zijin Palace, she was also determined to get a treasure her Master had told her about; a priceless Golden Bodhi Tree. As long as she was able to get her hands on a few Golden Bodhi Fruit, she would be able to immediately advance her cultivation base.

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That’s right, when she was finally able to give one Golden Bodhi Fruit to Brother Yu, he would certainly be very grateful towards her.

Feng Lian Ying gnashed her teeth as she looked at the empty hole where the tree had been. Suddenly, her expression changed.

These marks are new, so obviously someone came here just a moment ago, in that case…wouldn’t the person who stole the Golden Bodhi Tree, also be aiming to s.n.a.t.c.h away the Zijin Palace Inheritance?!

Thinking of this, Feng Lian Ying suddenly froze, before her figure was as swift as a phantom as she rapidly flew forwards.

She was thoroughly prepared when she entered the secret territory; she even had a way to deal with a high level martial artist on Nascent Soul stage!

The Golden Bodhi Fruit and Zijin Palace Inheritance were the two things she was determined to win! For the Golden Bodhi Fruit, it was first come first served. So even though she felt distressed at the thought of someone else having them, with her skills, sooner or later she would find a method to force that person to spit them out.

However, there was only one Zijin Palace Inheritance. If it was s.n.a.t.c.hed by someone, even if she were to kill that scoundrel, she still wouldn’t be able to get it back!

Therefore, she must hurry and catch up to that hateful thief before he receives the Inheritance, and kill him!

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