The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 218 – Conclusion Of A Contract

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Chapter 218 – Conclusion Of A Contract

The little Golden Dragon raised up half of his body and scowled at Hexi. “From now on, I have decided to let you become my Master. In the future you are mine, the Divine Golden Dragon’s Master! How is it, are you happy now? Why don’t you quickly kneel and thank this King for his kindness!”

A corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched, and she became speechless as she looked at the tiny snake in her palm that could easily be killed with just a slap.

Shaking her hand, the little Golden Dragon fell from her palm and landed on the ground with a ‘plop’. He cut a sorry figure as he stared up at Hexi from the ground.

Towering over the little snake, Hexi looked down at him and sneered, “I see that you’ve become foolish since you were sealed away for such a long time. You want me to thank you for your kindness? Believe me, I can step on you and squish you to death instead!”

“Audacious mortal! Do you know what this King’s ident.i.ty is? I’m a Divine Golden Dragon; the highest cla.s.s of Dragon from the Dragon race…”

The little Golden Dragon was furious and stomped on the ground in frustration, but when he noticed that Hexi was refusing to acknowledge him and was instead turning around to leave, he panicked. He’d only been unsealed mere moments ago so his strength was still weak; he wasn’t even yet able to defend himself against a low level spiritual beast! If he wanted to survive until maturity then there was only one way, and that was to establish a contract with a human!

He had been waiting in this secret territory for a thousand years; waiting for a martial artist capable of establishing a contract with him to come. If he were to let her escape, then there was every chance that he would have to wait another thousand years before the next suitable martial artist would come along.

All of a sudden, the little Golden Dragon’s eyes flickered with desperation, and launching his body into the air with a ‘swoosh’, he wrapped himself around Hexi’s wrist. Then, without waiting for her to react, he opened his tiny mouth and fiercely bit into one of her delicate fingers.

Hexi’s reaction speed was also extremely fast, and just moments after she had been bitten, she had already ripped the little Golden Dragon off and thrown him away from her.

But it was too late. Golden light suddenly radiated from her body, and a pattern of fine gold lines appeared engraved around the bite mark on her finger. After flashing brightly for a moment, the pattern then disappeared without a trace; as if it had never even been there. Yet, if one were to use their Divine Sense to examine her body closely, it was possible to see a golden pattern within her dantian.

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The little Golden Dragon rolled about on the ground and burst into a fit of laughter. “We’ve already concluded a Master and spirit pet equality contract! Now, you won’t ever be able to abandon this King!”

Whaa~~ She’s obviously only a useless Foundation Establishment stage martial artist, yet why did he feel so much dread when he faced her, compared to when he faced his previous Masters?

The little Golden Dragon had always gotten away with bullying his previous Masters, but now, Hexi’s intimidation tactics were more than enough to make him shiver with fear. His loftiness immediately disappeared without a trace as he pleaded, “Master, don’t…don’t get angry! Now that the Master and spirit pet contract with me has already concluded, you’re…you’re able to obtain countless benefits!”

Hexi raised an eyebrow as she looked at him with distrust. “What benefits?”

The little Golden Dragon saw that there was an opportunity to placate her, and he promptly became excited. Twisting his tiny body to and fro on Hexi’s hand, he rapidly began to chatter away. “Master, the reason you entered this secret territory was to hunt for treasure, right? I’ll tell you a secret! This secret territory was made for me by my previous Master, so all the treasures in this secret territory belong to me. It’s up to me who I wish to grant them to!”

Hexi looked at him suspiciously. “With just your words alone, why should I believe you?”

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