The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 217 – Golden Dragon

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Chapter 217 – Golden Dragon

That deranged and smelly old man, did he really want to give her a greeting gift, or did he want to kill her?

Hexi grit her teeth as she cursed that smelly old beggar man. And after ordering Dandan to remain in her s.p.a.ce, her consciousness then returned to her corporeal body.

But once Hexi returned from her s.p.a.ce, she was shocked at the scene that greeted her.

Before her eyes wasn’t the forest from her memories, rather, there was now an absolutely empty room.

In this room, there were several arched doors with surfaces that resembled mirrors. At this moment, they were all broken and emitting random bursts of silvery light.

Laying lifeless on the ground at Hexi’s feet was the Golden Python’s body. One of its eyes was wide open and filled with dread, while its remaining eye was corroded down to the bone by Hexi’s poison.

Grabbing the Golden Python’s tail and slightly lifting it up, Hexi was shocked to discover that every one of the python’s bones were unexpectedly fractured; as if it was forcibly beaten by something.

She then recalled that before she fainted, she had heard the sound of a dragon’s cry and a glaring white light…in the end, who was it that saved her?

Hexi took the Golden Python into her s.p.a.ce; this was the fresh corpse of a sixth rank spiritual beast. Its skin and venomous fangs could be made into a powerful weapon, while its meat was a rare ingredient used in refining specialist supplements. This was the perfect opportunity to make use of the python in three ways.

After sorting out the Golden Python, Hexi began to examine the strange room she now found herself in.

The room had no ceiling, so a few grey clouds were visible in the sky. At this moment, the clouds were constantly condensing and spreading, causing a shadow to form.

Hexi was baffled at the sight of the forming shadow, when suddenly, a burst of glaring golden light exploded out from the centre of it!

Following that, something fell on her head with a ‘thump’, and the skin on her face felt icy smooth to the touch!

“What was that?!”

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Hexi was often described as having lightning fast reflexes, so she managed to quickly grab the thing on her head and held it up in front of her eyes. When she was able to clearly see the thing in her hand, a surprised expression spread across her face.

Golden Dragon? Oh, so it turns out that this guy was a small dragon! No wonder horns were growing on its head.

But compared with a majestic dragon that her imagination conjured up, this little thing had a puny and smelly appearance.

The little Golden Dragon shook its small head, and asked again, “I’ll ask once more, was it you who helped me to undo my seal?”

“What seal?”

The little Golden Dragon’s body shimmied, and suddenly, a jade ring appeared in Hexi’s hand. With a glance, Hexi recognised that this was the jade ring that the old beggar man had given her, but now, the once dark green jade ring had abruptly turned a half gold half red colour.

The little Golden Dragon sniffed the jade ring, then sniffed Hexi’s body, before it snorted and said, “As expected, it’s you; this useless little brat, who helped to undo the seal on this King. As such, this King unfortunately has no other choice but to reluctantly accept you.”

“Reluctantly accept me? Reluctantly accept me for what?”

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