The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 215 – Golden Bodhi Tree

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Chapter 215 – Golden Bodhi Tree

He had barely finished speaking, when his eyes suddenly lit up, and he ran towards the forest. He was going so fast, that Hexi had to use all her strength just to keep up.

Dandan ran for a quarter of an hour before abruptly stopping, allowing Hexi to heave a sigh of relief. Yet just when she was about to tell him not to go running off again, she noticed something in front of her and her expression suddenly changed.

Less than five metres away from Dandan and herself, there was a Golden Python curled up motionlessly.

Golden Python! The Golden Python was a sixth ranked magical beast. Amongst the existence of magical beasts, it belonged to a powerful cla.s.s; its strength equal to that of a Nascent Soul stage martial artist. A magical beast of such rank, how could it appear here?

Hexi sucked in a cold breath, and slowly turned around to retreat.

What a joke! With her current level being Gold Core stage, she would barely be able to hit him. Against a Nascent Soul stage Golden Python, she would instantly lose!

However, just as Hexi was about to run away, she noticed that Dandan had returned to his original appearance, and with his small and short legs, he ran straight towards the Golden Python.

Hexi’s eyes widened in shock, and she stared blankly as she watched her small and foolish pet clinging to the giant snake’s body. Releasing a hiss, the Golden Python started rolling its body and continuously turning over.

What the f*ck! Is that even possible?!

Hexi watched as Dandan climbed pa.s.sed the Golden Python’s spiralling body, and ran towards the base of a tree. Holding onto the thick and solid trunk, he started to climb up it.

Hexi followed Dandan’s movements with her gaze, and was once again shocked.

It unexpectedly turned out to be a Golden Bodhi Tree?! Compared to the Yuan Yang Fruit, this tree’s high level spiritual fruit simply couldn’t be found anywhere on Mi Luo Continent!

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Even the All Living Things Record said that the Bodhi Tree only bloomed once every thousand years, and that it took ten thousand years to bear any fruit. For a Bodhi Tree to become a Golden Bodhi Tree, it had to have bloomed and borne fruit at least ten times, causing its worth to be beyond measure.

In the blink of an eye, the Golden Bodhi Tree disappeared and Dandan fell from mid-air, his stomach distended from eating so much. As he landed on the ground with a thump, he looked up at Hexi with a foolish yet adorable expression.

Hexi pointed at his small head and just as she was about to scold him, her expression suddenly changed. Grabbing Dandan and throwing him into her s.p.a.ce, she then leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding a fatal blow from the Golden Python.

The Golden Python released a furious snarl, its big blood-red eyes staring menacingly at Hexi. And as the venom dripping down its fangs landed on the ground, a sizzling noise could be heard as the ground corroded.

Why would Hexi dare to stay? Condensing the spiritual power within her body to her feet, she then rapidly ran away as fast as lightning.

But no matter how fast her speed, the Golden Python was even faster. Obviously its body was gigantic, yet it could somehow still move freely amongst the forest.

With a fishy stench, black venom unceasingly hurtled towards Hexi. And wherever the venom landed, not even a single blade of gra.s.s was spared.

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