The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 206 – High Grade Spiritual Supplement Pill

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Chapter 206 – High Grade Spiritual Supplement Pill

Zhangsan believed in his Young Miss’s medical skill and ability. If she was able to make him, a low level martial artist, advance from the third rank of Qi Refining stage, to the sixth rank of Qi Refining stage within a few short months; how could it be possible that the medicinal pills she refined were just an ordinary product?

Zhangsan was waiting for quite a while, and after the servant boy had sent off the last client and noticed he was still sitting and waiting, he couldn’t help but sneer. “Fool, it’s useless for you to wait! In a moment, the result will come out and you’ll find out that you wasted one hundred crystals, you can’t…”

The servant boy’s words hadn’t yet finished, when suddenly, a white bearded old man abruptly rushed out from the evaluation room.

While he was running with an excited and/yet nervous look on his face, he yelled, “Number ninety seven? Who brought medicinal pill number ninety seven in to be appraised?”

Zhangsan and the servant boy both stared blankly for a moment, before Zhangsan looked at the number plate in his hand. He was number ninety seven.

With a glance, the white bearded old man caught sight of the wooden number plate in Zhangsan’s hand, and like a whirlwind, he rushed over to him. Grabbing Zhangsan’s hand, he shouted, “Was it you who brought in medicinal pill number ninety seven?”

Zhangsan answered, “Yes, I am. Was there a problem with the medicinal pill?”

“Was it you who found this medicinal pill? Where did you find it?” Zhangsan’s cultivation base was only at the sixth rank of Qi Refining stage, and moreover, it seemed that his overall innate talent was only ordinary. Of course the old man wouldn’t think that Zhangsan had refined this medicine.

Zhangsan shook his head. “That medicine was refined by my Master, I didn’t find it.”

The white bearded old man’s brows suddenly rose in surprise, a radiant light appearing in his muddy eyes. “You mean, your Master is the one who refined this medicinal pill? It wasn’t found? Do you have any other medicinal pills in your possession apart from this one?”

Zhangsan nodded, and he couldn’t help but ask, “So how was it? What are the results of the medicinal pill?”

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However, the white bearded old man ignored his question and asked impatiently, “Which Great Master is your Master? Quickly take me to see him!”

As for Zhangsan, when the old man had pa.s.sed over the appraisal results, he only glanced at it before his eyes widened with shock.

First grade Spiritual Supplement Pill: contains ten crystals worth of spiritual power, ninety nine percent essence purity, and suitable for unrestricted long term usage.

This…this information…was it really that of a first grade medicinal pill?! It was even stronger than a mid-level second grade medicinal pill!

Firstly, the spiritual power contained in most top level first grade Spiritual Supplement Pills was at max only three crystals worth of spiritual power, and secondly, the ninety nine percent essence purity…that was enough to make martial artists go crazy with longing! It meant that even if a martial artist consumed many spiritual pills, they wouldn’t have to worry about an overacc.u.mulation of spiritual power.

This was practically an amazing way for a low level martial artist to advance by medicinal pill!

“I am the Vice-Head of this Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution, and also a fourth ranked doctor. On behalf of the Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution, I wish to sign a long term contract with your Master for this high grade Spiritual Supplement Pill. If there are any conditions you may have, we can discuss…”

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