The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 204 – Faithful Follower

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Chapter 204 – Faithful Follower

The result, contrary to Hexi’s expectations, was that Dandan’s little pale pink pig appearance was unexpectedly well received by Xiao Li, Wet Nurse Chen, and the rest of the women in her courtyard. In fact, their love of Dandan was extremely intense.

Even the only female amongst the slaves, Xi Gui, was affected. When she saw Dandan, her eyes shone brightly, while her expression revealed her wish to hold him tightly in her arms.

Xiao Li, on the other hand, didn’t have the same reservations, and promptly hugged Dandan. She then rubbed her small face on his soft and tender skin, her expression as serious as a daughter-in-law’s as she asked, “Miss, is this your spirit pet? Too adorable! How can there be such an adorable spirit pet in Mi Luo continent?”

Hearing Xiao Li’s words, a corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched.

Because, at the same time in her mind, she could hear Dandan’s angry yells. “Mother, this nine tailed fox is too much! I’m a primary spirit! How can she pinch me like this, this is simply disgraceful… Can I eat her, Mother?”

Hexi: “….You can’t!”

Dandan immediately began crying. “Then Mother, quickly help me! Dandan doesn’t want to be kissed and hugged by such an odd girl! Dandan’s chast.i.ty will be damaged~~”

Chast.i.ty–?! I see your integrity seems to have been washed away!!

Hexi firmly ignored the two small animals, and turned around to describe her business proposal to Zhangsan.

The current Zhangsan had long since stopped being a wicked servant and taking advantage of his position to bully others.

After becoming Hexi’s servant and succeeding in advancing his cultivation base, he was now Hexi’s faithful follower.

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Servants were usually poor people who were sent to serve as servants for the household of a rich family. In order to earn money to live, they would constantly be thinking of ways to promote their own strengths. Now this Young Miss was able to help him advance, and not only that, she was also able to pay him much more than Nalan Manor. So, what reason would he have to not be dead set on deeply revering this Young Miss?

Sheng De Hall’s shopkeeper Zhou, Zhou Yan’an, was the young man who had helped her when she rescued and treated Xiao Li’s brother, Wu Qi.

Remembering the common people’s reaction at that time, she realised that Sheng De Hall’s reputation was well respected, so regardless of her background or character, it could be a.s.sumed that she wouldn’t be cheated if these spiritual plants were sold to them. In fact, she was thinking that she would like to establish a long-term contract with Sheng De Hall if possible.

Zhangsan hastily nodded, and very carefully put the storage ring away.

But just when Zhangsan thought that the Young Miss had finished giving him her orders, Hexi swiftly took out two bottles of medicinal pills, effortlessly throwing them to him. “These are Spiritual Supplement Pills, one bottle for you, and the other bottle I want you to take to the market and find out their worth.”

“Spiritual Supplement Pills?” Zhangsan cried out in surprise. “These…did you refine them by yourself, Miss?”

Seeing Hexi nod, Zhangsan’s dedication to Hexi rose sky high. Is there anything in this world that his Young Miss couldn’t do?

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