The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 202 – Lonely Dandan

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Chapter 202 – Lonely Dandan

Xi Jia quickly nodded. “Yes, Miss! I will warn everyone here to be careful and to pay attention to their surroundings.”

Hexi nodded. “You may go. With regards to your training, you can now start to enter the second stage.”

The second stage? Miss had once said that as long as they could get through the second stage’s training, that they would then have the strength to fight Foundation Establishment stage martial artists!

Xi Jia nodded excitedly and accepted the medicinal pills from Hexi’s hand. But just as he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped and respectfully asked, “Miss, may I ask, what are these medicinal pills called?”

Hexi stared blankly. Name? Those pills were something that she had only recently created! How could she know what they were called?!

“I haven’t thought of a name yet,” Hexi couldn’t care less about it and said, “You can all think of a name for it yourselves. Moreover, it was specially refined for all of you anyway.”

Hearing that, Xi Jia was immediately filled with delight as he ran off. He and the other servants weren’t foolish, they knew how precious this medicine was.

Just one pill was enough to finely temper an ordinary person’s spiritual root const.i.tution, helping their strength to equal that of a martial artists after they had used supplement pills and cultivation methods. If the medicinal pills were to be sold on the market, they would absolutely be extremely expensive.

However, Miss not only gave it to them without hesitation, she even gave them the right to name it! This was a big honour; it showed how much she trusted them!

Hexi didn’t expect that just because she was too lazy to think of a name, Xi Jia would imagine such complicated meanings behind her action.

What’s more, Hexi didn’t expect that the illiterate Xi Jia and others would straightforwardly name the medicinal pills ‘Invigorating Pills’. It was unknown now, but in the future, Invigorating Pills would become extremely famous in Mi Luo continent…and this horrible name would be forever engraved in every martial artists’ memories.

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After dismissing Xi Jia, Hexi returned to her room and entered her s.p.a.ce.

Hexi appeased Dandan for a moment, and only after the small guy had calmed down, did the two of them then proceed to start working on the spiritual field.

Dandan had the nature of a filial son. A moment ago he was still weeping with an aggrieved and pitiful expression, but now that he was accompanying Hexi, he promptly tossed his loneliness to the back of his mind.

Yet one moment he was helping Hexi with the farming, and the next he was running circles around her. Running around crazily in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, he made a flower garland and placed it on the top of his head!

“Mother, does Dandan look good?”

Having a chubby and plump small guy, with a garland of flowers on top of his head asking whether or not he looked good…Hexi couldn’t resist laughing inside. Plastering an expression of admiration and praise onto her face, she nodded. “Mhmm, Dandan is the handsomest.”

Dandan immediately became cheerful, then continued to run around the spiritual field in glee. With his silver bell-like laughter echoing in Hexi’s ears, her mood became light and tranquil.

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