The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 201 – Completion Of Qi Refining Stage

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Chapter 201 – Completion Of Qi Refining Stage

This medicinal pill was something she had refined in h.e.l.l King Manor. Although it was a grade one medicinal pill, it wasn’t made following a prescription used in Mi Luo continent, or one that was from the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture.

Rather, it was made according to Xi Jia and the others’ body types, combined with a kind of intensifier to strengthen a cultivator’s physique. This medicinal pill prescription was something that was listed in the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture, but then Hexi had improved on it, creating the current prescription by herself.

At first she had failed several times, until the last time, when she finally succeeded in her refining. As a result, she was only able to make a total of thirty pills.

Hexi pointed at the medicinal pill and said to Xi Jia, “I’ve checked the descriptions of Mi Luo continent’s medicinal pills, and found that they were basically focused on refining the spiritual power of a martial artist. Yet for all of you, you’re all walking on a different path compared to an ordinary martial artist. Therefore, based on your unusual physical and spiritual advancement road, I specially refined this medicinal pill for you. However, I don’t know whether or not this medicinal pill will have side effects, and I also don’t know whether or not it will be able to help you advance to Foundation Establishment stage…you can choose to eat it or not.”

Actually, Hexi already knew that this medicinal pill wouldn’t have any side effects. She knew that its biggest effect was to enhance a person’s strength and speed, tempering a martial artist’s muscles and bones, all so that their body could achieve the result of resistance to spiritual power attacks.

However, when all was said and done, this was the first time that she had refined anything. Moreover, it was her self-created prescription. So just in case, she wanted to explain it all to Xi Jia and the others.

But before Hexi had even finished speaking, without hesitation, Xi Jia picked up the medicinal pill and swallowed it.

After a moment, Xi Jia felt heat in his abdomen. Following this, his meridians, including his dantian that had been devoid of spiritual power, suddenly became boiling hot. It was as if there was a steady flow of heat surging throughout his entire body.

Hexi told him, “The force that is currently surging throughout your body will enter your meridians, circulating your body twelve times. After each lap, your body’s strength will increase.”

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Xi Jia promptly sat cross-legged, and in accordance with Hexi’s instructions, he began to slowly absorb this powerful force.

“Yes, Miss!” Xi Jia suppressed his excitement, taking the medicinal pills from Hexi’s hand. “Once my Brothers receive the medicinal pills, they will certainly be happy!”

Hexi then asked, “How’s the situation surrounding Cang Mountain been these past few days?”

Xi Jia swiftly repressed his joyful expression and respectfully said, “Answering Miss; the past few days a lot more people have come to visit Cang Mountain, but they mostly focus on the west side of Cang Mountain. A few days ago we had a number of martial artists examining our surroundings, but after that, no one has come here again. This subordinate sent people to secretly investigate the martial artists gathering around the west side of Cang Mountain, and discovered that not only are some of the martial artists from influential families and Jin Ling sects, there are also martial artists from other countries, as well as people from the royal family. Previously quite a few conflicts occurred between the groups, but now it seems to have calmed down. Although, even when they do fight, they fight at a distance, as if they were afraid to alarm something inside Cang Mountain.”

Hexi frowned. “Hmm, regardless of what happens outside, don’t bother about it. Don’t go near the west side of Cang Mountain! At the moment a lot of Gold Core stage martial artists have gathered there, and with your current strength, you wouldn’t be unable to provoke them and live. When you go out try to be careful, don’t let people discover you.”

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