The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 181 – You Deceived Me?!

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Chapter 181 – You Deceived Me?!

From her s.p.a.ce Hexi took out a set of Silver Needles, and tearing open Nangong Yu’s clothes, she revealed the muscles on his strong chest.

Her small warm hands lightly touched the acupuncture points on his chest, inserting a series of needles in his heart veins.

Suddenly, she heard Nangong Yu’s deep and low voice in her ears. “I didn’t know that Xi Er is such a kind person.”

Hexi stared blankly, and suddenly lifting her head, she saw a loving smile upon Nangong Yu’s face.

Although his complexion was still pale, his eyes were bright with emotion. Wasn’t he unconscious and dying just moments before?

“You deceived me?!” Hexi glared at him in disbelief, her eyebrows frowning.

This scoundrel! Just moments ago she had been worrying in vain, and yet he had even gone so far as to make his pulse unsteady…this hateful man had actually deceived her!

Hexi stood up with a cold expression on her face, and turned around to leave.

Nangong Yu pulled on her hand to stop her. “Xi Er, don’t go!”

Originally, if Hexi had wanted to shake off his hand, it would be very easy, but Nangong Yu had unexpectedly used the small amount of spiritual power that remained within his body. He had so little spiritual power left that his hand was icy cold, the life force within his body becoming extremely faint.

“You’re crazy! Quickly stop using your spiritual power and let me go! Do you want to die?”

“No, not unless Xi Er promises me that you won’t go!”

Hexi’s face revealed her anxiousness, and afraid that if he continued it really would become life threatening, she promptly said, “Okay! I won’t go!”

With this, Nangong Yu finally released her hand, the trace of a shallow and weak smile at the corners of his mouth. “Xi Er, is it that difficult for you to admit that you have feelings for me?”

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Finished speaking, his eyes closed, and this time he really did lose consciousness.

The medicinal liquid inside was prepared by Hexi in her s.p.a.ce last night, during her free time. It used an extract from the spiritual herb’s that Dandan had brought back to life by planting, then it was mixed with water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, and the resulting medicine was a thousand times more potent than yesterday’s.

But an ordinary martial artist’s body wouldn’t be able to bear it, so originally Hexi hadn’t intended to use it.

Under Hexi’s guidance, Qing Long placed Nangong Yu into the medicinal bath. Then from the side, he watched as Hexi took out her Silver Needles, and one by one, inserted them into several of Nangong Yu’s major acupuncture points.

After the Silver Needles had been placed on Nangong Yu, smoke began to rise from his body. The room that had at first been sweltering, now started to drop in temperature due to the smoke.

This was because the Cold Poison within Nangong Yu’s body was now being forcefully released.

Hexi handed to porcelain bottle in her grip to Qing Long. “Once the colour of the medicinal liquid in the tub has faded, change the water, and pour in more of the medicine in this bottle. Continue this for up to three days, and Nangong Yu will be able to recover.”

Qing Long received the medicinal bottle, and quickly said, “Princess, Master’s current state is unstable. I hope that until Master awakens, you can stay here.”

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