The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 175 – The Mysterious Young Master Xi

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Chapter 175 – The Mysterious Young Master Xi

Before Princess Zhen Yue lost all rational, the Third Prince couldn’t bear it anymore and stepped forward. Then, with a calm and collected face, he asked, “Butler Nan, what’s the meaning of this, didn’t you say that h.e.l.l King wasn’t allowing anyone to visit? But why is this Young Master able to? Don’t tell me you think our royal face is something that you can trample on as you wish?”

Although this youngster’s beauty accelerated the Third Prince’s heartbeat, the att.i.tude of h.e.l.l King Manor really infuriated him.

Moreover, when he used his Divine Senses to examine this youngster’s cultivation base, he discovered that he was only at Qi Refining stage. Even if this youngster had some sort of background, how could he compare to him and Zhen Yue!? h.e.l.l King Manor unexpectedly fawns on such a low level martial artist, yet they would lock their door and refuse to see them! Looking down on imperial power like this was the last straw.

Thanks to Dandan’s help, Hexi had currently set her cultivation base at Qi Refining stage in case people were to examine her. The reason is very simple, in the future when she used her spiritual power in front of acquaintances, her lack of a cultivation base would attract suspicion. And since the advancing speed of her actual cultivation base would shock people, she had decided that Qi Refining stage would be good for the moment.

Having heard what was said, Butler Nan’s face didn’t change as he replied, “Third Prince likes to joke. Master has said that Young Master Xi is equal to the people of h.e.l.l King Manor, and that at any time he wishes, he is able to freely enter and leave h.e.l.l King Manor. He is not in the category of visitor. If Third Prince doesn’t have any other matters, please allow this old slave and Young Master Xi to be excused.”

Finished speaking, and without looking at the Third Prince and Princess Zhen Yue’s complexions’, Butler Nan and Hexi quickly entered h.e.l.l King Manor.

And after Butler Nan and Hexi entered, the gate closed immediately. The bodyguards guarding outside the entrance displaying a cold look to indicate for people to stay away, completely ignoring the Prince and Princess.

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Shangguan Zhen Yue firmly shook off Third Prince Shangguan Rui’s hand, furiously saying, “Third Brother, why did you stop me? Clearly that old slave was deliberately making things difficult for us and not letting us in! On top of that there’s that unknown boy, he actually dared to ridicule me in public…wait until we return to the Imperial Palace, I’ll send people to properly teach him a lesson…”

So even if he was unwilling, the Third Prince didn’t dare be rash towards h.e.l.l King Manor! And it wasn’t just him that didn’t dare, no one had the courage to go against h.e.l.l King Manor, not even Royal Brother and Royal Father.

At this moment, Shangguan Rui’s mind was occupied with remembering that beautiful youngster. Young Master Xi? Since when has there been a Young Master Xi in Yan Jing City? How come he didn’t know about him?

However, no matter what this person’s status was, his and h.e.l.l King’s relations.h.i.+p certainly wouldn’t be simple. If he was able to entice Young Master Xi, or even control him, then wouldn’t he be able to learn some of h.e.l.l King’s secrets?

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