The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 170 – Revival

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Chapter 170 – Revival

As for Wet Nurse Chen, after she used this period of time to nurse her health, the clog in her meridians gradually cleared, while her aged complexion also became a little younger. And this time, after using medicinal baths and Silver Needle treatments to help allow her to resume cultivating, she slowly entered Qi Refining stage. Unfortunately, for her to return to her previous cultivation stage, it would still take a long time. After all, Wet Nurse Chen’s cultivation base had been crippled for too long!

After she had finished dealing with the medicinal ingredients that were needed to treat Wet Nurse Chen, Xi Jia, and the others, Hexi returned to her room to enter her s.p.a.ce.

Since Xi Jia and Nangong Yu had both collected withered spiritual plants, she now had too much. She had so much that it would last her a very long time, so Hexi brought the bulk of it into her s.p.a.ce, preparing to categorise it.

However, she had barely entered her s.p.a.ce when she was surprised by the scene inside.

Noticing Dandan’s plump body crouched in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, she watched as it used its short hands and legs to diligently dig small holes, planting the withered herbs.

Hexi was about to tease Dandan that it didn’t have any common sense, as how could the withered plants live again? After all, once dead, the spiritual plants would need to be grown from a seed again to be alive…yet before her smile reached her eyes, she was shocked to discover that the dried herbs that Dandan planted into the ground suddenly restored themselves back to green, and at a speed visible to the naked eye. With branches and leaves gently swaying, it looked completely full of life.

Hexi rubbed her eyes. She simply couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing and thought it was perhaps just her fantasy. However once she turned around, she realised that the spiritual plants behind Dandan were also alive, and not only that, every stalk was green and lush, full of vitality.

How could this be? Could it be that the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field was capable of bringing spiritual plants back to life? This…this is really too nature defying!

Dandan raised its head and saw Hexi. With surprise etched across its face, it used its short legs to run to Hexi, then hugged her leg as it acted like a spoiled child, “Mother, I was too bored, you haven’t come to play with me in ages. Right, did you bring me something delicious?”

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From the storage ring on her finger, Hexi took out a roast deer leg for Dandan. Seeing it swallow it clean in one big bite, she then picked Dandan up and used her finger to point at the now filled with green spiritual field, asking it, “Did you plant these?”

However, while she expected the spiritual plant to live again, it did nothing. The withered herb was still withered, giving off no sign that it would live once more and become green.

Hexi looked at Dandan in shock, “Dandan, how could this be?”

How was it that when Dandan planted the herbs they were able to live again, but when she did it, nothing happened? Could it be that it wasn’t because of the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, and rather, it was because of Dandan?

Dandan touched the small antennae on its head, its face confused. It then raised its claw and touched the dried herb that Hexi planted. The next moment, that small stalk of withered herb that had lacked vitality, suddenly revived in front of her.

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