The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 169 – Medicine Delivery

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Chapter 169 – Medicine Delivery

Hexi’s brows wrinkled slightly, a light as sharp as a sword flashed in her eyes, while her mouth indifferently said, “These are enough, as for those foolish people’s words, you don’t need to take them seriously. One day you will let them know, who is waste, and who is tras.h.!.+”

Xi Jia and the others’ eyes suddenly s.h.i.+ned, the depression and humiliation lingering on their faces immediately swept away, and they nodded at Hexi.

Just a this moment, Hexi’s ears heard Qing Long’s voice, “Princess, this subordinate is at your courtyard’s gate, there is something I have to discuss with you.”

Hexi was surprised, her figure flashed, and she abruptly appeared outside. Qing Long’s cultivation base had already reached the peak of Gold Core stage, so long as he was determined to explore, of course he could easily discover the courtyard.

But even though he found the courtyard, he couldn’t easily enter. He could only wait outside and transmit his voice through the Smokescreen Technique.

Once Qing Long saw Hexi, he promptly hinted at his subordinates to come out. There were dozens of h.e.l.l King Manor’s bodyguards, each carrying two big bags. One by one, they placed them in front of Hexi.

Hexi’s eyes widened in astonishment, because without her opening the bags and looking, she could already smell the scent of medicinal herbs.

Qing Long bowed as he spoke, “Master heard that Princess was collecting withered spiritual plants, so he ordered this subordinate to gather all the withered spiritual plants from every large influential family, as well as from the Imperial Palace. I hope Princess accepts it.”

For a moment, Hexi didn’t know what she should say! Nangong Yu, this guy was obviously still ill, but unexpectedly, he still knew her each and every move. Without waiting for her to open her mouth and ask, he helped collect the medicinal herbs for her and sent it to her door.

“These spiritual plants…” A lot of h.e.l.l King Manor’s manpower and physical resources must have been spent on it, right?

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Qing Long however, quickly interrupted her. His voice was laced with proudness as he said, “If h.e.l.l King Manor wants spiritual plants from every family, let alone withered, even if they were still healthy, every family will still obediently send it. Master only needed to send out a notice, and every house sent several bags by themselves. Princess doesn’t need to worry about being inconvenienced.”


With this large amount of medicinal herbs, Hexi quickly wrote out several new prescriptions, instructing Xiao Li and Wet Nurse Chen to go prepare them.

These prescriptions were to help Xi Jia and the others to temper their bodies, and there was also one to help Wet Nurse Chen heal.

After a period of training Xi Jia and the others, whether in strength or temperament, they had already made quite an improvement. When they wore black clothing for practice, their appearance reminded Hexi of her past organisation members when they were training.

Xi Jia and Xi Mao experienced the most rapid growth out of all of them. Their strength had already firmly reached the ninth rank of Qi Refining stage, and as soon as they completed this stage of body tempering, they would be able to reach the peak of Qi Refining stage. Next, they would start to advance to Foundation Establishment stage. But because their practice method was unusual, there were no cultivation records available at the market. So for the time being, Hexi had not yet found a way to help them advance to Foundation Establishment stage.

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