The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 167 – Lost A Tail

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Chapter 167 – Lost A Tail

In Xiao Li’s small heart, she knew there were good people amongst the human race, but still a larger amount of bad people. Especially when they found out the secret about her body, then no one could hold back. However, ever since she’s followed Miss, she’s become more like her Miss, like this family, so last night she plucked up her courage and risked her secret being discovered to prop up the empty spiritual barrier, saving all the people in the courtyard.

The empty spiritual barrier is a technique that belongs to Nascent Soul stage martial artists, but with Xiao Li’s current cultivation base, she was only able to maintain it for a very short time before she surpa.s.sed her limits. So for her to maintain it, she had had to sacrifice one tail, which she had cultivated with great difficulty. She now couldn’t do anything to maintain her complete human form again. So this night, she hid in her room in fear, fear that Miss and the others would find out her true ident.i.ty, drag her out, and sell her off.

However, the fact is, that Miss and the other human beings here were really different. Xiao Li and her Brother really didn’t trust the wrong people.

Hexi felt a headache starting as she looked at the little girl who had thrown herself into her arms weeping and gasping for breath. Seeing Xiao Li wipe her tears and mucus on her clothes, Hexi wanted to kick her.

How can one or two of her people always cause her such trouble?

Still, watching the little girl’s red and swollen eyes, her weak and frail body, she somewhat couldn’t bear it.

In regards to yesterday’s large calamity, if it wasn’t for Xiao Li, the whole courtyard would have long been destroyed, and Hexi would’ve regretted it for sure. Xiao Li had used an ability that surpa.s.sed her strength, so certainly she’s received a lot of injuries.

Ahh, seeing this little girl being so pitiful and adorable, if she wanted to cry and wipe her face, then so be it. Hexi helplessly comforted her.

Once she saw that Xiao Li’s crying had almost stopped, only then did Hexi push her away, “Alright, have you cried enough? Let me help you examine your injuries!”

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Xiao Li wiped at the tears streaking her red face, swishing the white tail behind her as she mumbled, “Miss, don’t worry, I’m all right, I only…only lost one tail, that’s all.”

Pursing her lips, Hexi hid the amused expression in her eyes and said, “As for your strength, you can rest a.s.sured, I will help you to regain it. In the future, I will certainly find a way to help you advance.”

As she finished speaking, she took out a bottle of spirit spring water from her s.p.a.ce, lightly saying, “This is water concocted by myself to help you replenish your spiritual power. After you drink this water, you can at least maintain your human form.”

To help replenish spiritual power, there is nothing able to compare to the spiritual spring water in her s.p.a.ce. Unfortunately, she is unable to reveal the existence of her s.p.a.ce to people, and moreover, the spiritual energy of the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring is extremely strong, so it’s not easy to conceal it.

So, after being cautioned by Nangong Yu, she used a strong medicament with a concentrated amount of spiritual power, and then diluted it with the spring water. This resulted in the spiritual spring water currently within Xiao Li’s hand.

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