The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 161 – Discarded Cultivation Base

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Chapter 161 – Discarded Cultivation Base

Everyone watching expressed anxiousness on their faces as they wanted to save Hexi. But the speed at which Zhu Que unleashed the Dream Travel Lamp was too quick, and they were simply powerless to block it.

As soon it happened, the top of the lamp let out a light that headed straight towards Hexi. Yet suddenly, a faint white light covered Zhu Que, together with the Dream Travel Lamp.

The radiance surrounding the Dream Travel Lamp was instantly extinguished, once again returning it into a simple and unadorned lamp. It and Zhu Que then fell towards the ground, Zhu Que landing on her b.u.t.t. As she gazed at a point not far in front of her, her eyes filled with panic.

Hexi turned around, and saw Nangong Yu unhurriedly walking out. With a straight posture, other than his somewhat pale complexion, he was barely showing any traces of sickness. Yet Hexi could sense the cold energy gradually increasing inside his body.

She frowned and was about to speak, but Nangong Yu spoke first, “I heard that you and Xi Er made a bet. That if she was able to cure me, you would discard your cultivation base?”

Zhu Que had been blankly staring at Nangong Yu with infatuation, but when she heard that, she suddenly returned to her senses. Quickly kneeling, she began to weep, “Master, this subordinate was merely about worried your safety. Every year your illness flares up, and year after year it becomes more severe. Now, in order to save you when you were close to death, an unknown woman was brought in. Seeing that, this subordinate couldn’t help but feel distressed and anxious. Therefore, I thought that as long as my Teacher were to come, if my Teacher were to come diagnose and treat you, the source of Master’s illness would definitely be completely cured!”

After hearing her remark, he only slightly smirked. So when Zhu Que raised her head and saw his smiling expression, she thought that Master had forgiven her, her heart becoming extremely happy. But it soon dropped as she listened to Nangong Yu indifferently say, “Forget it, whether you made a bet or not doesn’t matter. Since you’ve been disrespectful towards Xi Er, if Xi Er wants you to be punished, then you should discard your cultivation base at once!”

Zhu Que all of a sudden froze and looked up at Nangong Yu in disbelief.

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Without waiting for her to react, a white light shaped like a sword flickered on Nangong Yu’s hand, and he casually pointed it at Zhu Que.

Nangong Yu glanced at Qing Long and the others, then indifferently said, “Bring her to the Spirit Sealing Prison, don’t let her easily die.”

Qing Long and the others promptly complied, dragging the dazed Zhu Que away.

This time, no one sympathised with Zhu Que. This woman’s actions had already crossed all of their bottom lines, and for her own despicable heart, she had put Master’s safety at risk. Her crime deserved a thousand deaths!

Hexi saw Nangong Yu’s complexion become extremely pale, and quickly walking over to him, she said, “You still haven’t hurried back to rest? This time you dared to use spiritual power, do you not want your life anymore?”

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