The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 16 – Person Or Ghost?

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Chapter 16 – Person Or Ghost?

Wet Nurse Chen somewhat blankly opened her eyes when the expected pain didn’t come, and saw Butler Li’s hand frozen in mid air.

His wrist and body were restrained by a thin rope, no…..rather than saying a rope, it would be better to say it was a whip. Or, more accurately, a white whip with a thin barb on the end.

Butler Li angrily turned his head, “d.a.m.n, who is it that doesn’t have eyes and dared to attack me?!”

Just as he was about to release spiritual power all over his body to break the whip, he suddenly felt a burst of mind numbing pain, as if he would be ripped to pieces. Following the pain, his whole body unexpectedly soared into the air.

“Ah ah ah—–!” Screams resonated throughout the courtyard.

The servants in the room were stupefied by the scene before their eyes, frozen solid with shock. They stared blankly at the usually powerful Butler Li, who now resembled a broken sack. After being tossed into the air, he was severely thrown to the ground.


The sound came from Butler Li’s body, making the servants’ feel their blood run cold. That was….that was the sound of all the bones in his body fracturing!

Butler Li’s eyes suffused with white. From the corner of his mouth a trickle of blood started to flow, and in the blink of an eye, he stopped breathing and died!

The complexion of all the servants paled. Shocked, they slowly looked towards the doorway. In the darkness outside, the slowly emerging figure of a little girl walked into the room.

“Ah——!!” Xiao Si, the small servant boy that always followed closely at Butler Li’s side, issued a loud shout, “How can it be? You….how can you can come back? Why are you still able to come back?”

The other servants, though not so frightened like him, still expressed faces full of doubt and panic.

The person before their eyes had pale skin and a pet.i.te stature, with a praiseworthy figure. Clearly this was the Master of this courtyard – Nalan Hexi.

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But, was this really Nalan Hexi?

Although sympathetic with Nalan Hexi’s bitter experiences, she knew that people who didn’t have the innate talent to cultivate in this world, would not find it easy to survive. Hexi couldn’t help but sigh. As a Miss from a prosperous family, the former Nalan Hexi’s days really were that of living like a dog.

Step by step, Hexi slowly entered the main room. For every step she took, the servants would retreat a step, trembling with fear.

Xiao Si, who collaborated with Butler Li, was so scared that his entire body was shaking.

“You…..who are you?” His hurried retreat backwards caused him to stumble and fall to the ground, but still he desperately tried to crawled away.

“You’re…’re a ghost right, you’re the Third Miss’ ghost who’s come for vengeance right?”

“No—-! No—-! Don’t blame me, that matter was not my doing! I merely obeyed Butler Zhang’s order, if you want to find someone to blame just go find Second Miss and Butler Zhang! This matter and I do not have any relation!”

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