The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 157 – No One Is As Powerful As Your Man

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Chapter 157 – No One Is As Powerful As Your Man

Naturally, Hexi knew that it was never a good idea to inadvertently reveal one’s wealth. Therefore, even though Xiao Li and the others were aware that the food she could make was delicious, rich in spiritual energy, and very effective, they were unaware that she used spirit spring water when cooking.

However, that was definitely a big secret. So how could she, just because of anxiousness, freely reveal it in front of Nangong Yu? Could it be, that in her heart she already considered Nangong Yu trustworthy?

Hexi’s heart trembled, and the Silver Needles in her hands suddenly deviated from their desired position.

Nangong Yu let out a low groan, that husky, yet rich and magnetic voice like a cat’s claws scratching at her heart.

Hexi quickly withdrew her hand, and with a somewhat guilty conscience, asked, “Are…are you okay?”

Nangong Yu frowned as he replied, “It hurts.”

Her heart wildly jumped about in her chest when she heard his answer. Hexi clearly knew that Nangong Yu was deliberately acting weak, but he was far too s.e.xy, with such an evildoer appearance.

Hexi’s face reddened as she removed the Silver Needles in his body, quietly asking, “Now you know pain? Before, when you lost your mind trying to kiss me, how could you not know pain? Serves you right!”

Nangong Yu’s life is considered to be saved, and after going through several days of treatment, his body might possibly be able to recover to its previous state. But as mentioned earlier, regardless of whether it was the Flame Cave, or Hexi’s current prescription, both were only temporarily solutions. Next year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, the Cold Poison in Nangong Yu’s body will once again flare up as before.

In that case, she must think of a way to completely eradicate the Cold Poison in Nangong Yu’s body.

Hexi’s mind began to quickly search through every kind of medication and ill.u.s.tration in the All Living Things Record. She compared each of them, one by one, hoping to find something with similar symptoms to Nangong Yu’s.

While this was happening, Nangong Yu summoned Qing Long to enter the room to wash him. Once he was dressed in clean clothes, Nangong Yu returned to the bed to lay down.

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After he had finished helping, Qing Long quietly exited the room, once again leaving Nangong Yu and Hexi alone. But Hexi was unaware of it all as she was still immersed in her thoughts.

When she recalled last night, when she was in a fight over her life and death, she couldn’t help but to have lingering fears, “You know who was it that wanted to kill me last night?”

She had heard that group of was from the Drought Demon Organisation, however, she didn’t know what kind of power the Drought Demon Organisation held.

Nangong Yu indifferently replied, “The Drought Demon Organisation is an underground trading market, they’re listed as an organisation in Mi Luo continent. They have been ranked as one of top three killers, never slipping from their position.”

“The top three? Are they very powerful?” Asked Hexi with a pondering expression.

Nangong Yu faintly smiled, and all of a sudden he leaned closer to her ear, saying in low voice, “No one is as powerful as your man!”

“Rouge!” Hexi pushed him away, her face turning red as she said, “I will deal with my enemies on my own! I can handle it by myself, I don’t need your help. Haa, the Drought Demon Organisation and whoever wanted to me, I will let them regret coming to this world!”

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