The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 152 – Remove Nangong Yu’s Clothes

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Chapter 152 – Remove Nangong Yu’s Clothes

The one who attacked her is the silent and stone-faced Wu Xin, who had quietly been standing to the side.

The room’s door closed in front of her with a bang. No matter how much she pounded on the door to be let back into the room, no one opened the door for her.

Hexi had readied all the herbs, and began to use the pot to boil them like traditional Chinese medicine. For a while she hesitated, then secretly added spiritual spring water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring into the pot.

She even placed the silver needles she used for medical purposes into the pot with the medicine, then left it all to boil together.

After an hour, the traditional Chinese medicine had successfully boiled, and the entire room was filled with the strong smell of medicine.

The smell of this medicine is different from the smell of medicines normally used in Mi Luo continent. There is no sense of spiritual power, nor an atmosphere of vegetation. On the contrary, it only carried a strong bitter smell.

Looking at the big pot of dense, dark soup, Qing Long’s and the other’s expressions turned somewhat fearful.

Bai Hu couldn’t help but murmur, “Princess, the…the thing in this pot, you won’t give it to Master to drink, right?”

If Master drank the thing in this pot, will he really be able to survive?

Hexi ignored him and poured the boiled decoction of medicine into the tub. The tub had been filled with hot water, and after more thought, Hexi secretly added more spiritual spring water before giving a command, “Remove Nangong Yu’s clothes and place him in the tub.”

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Qing Long and others looked at each other in dismay. Ambiguous expressions on all of their faces’.

Therefore, Hexi had come up with the idea of using Yin Congeal Gra.s.s as a guide, matching it with the other herbs to temporarily ease his illness.

But Yin Congeal Gra.s.s is still an extremely cold Yin plant after all, so once it entered Nangong Yu’s body, mixing with his Cold Poison, it will immediately make Nangong Yu’s illness worse, even life threatening. The only way to help prevent this is if she uses her Silver Needles. Before the Yin Congeal Gra.s.s’s cold essence can enter his arteries, travelling to his heart, she would unblock every one of his major acupuncture points, giving the other ingredients in the medicine a chance to advance. With this, they would be able to have an effect, neutralising the Yin Congeal Gra.s.s.

And so, during this process, no one was allowed to disturb her.

Qing Long and the others quietly left, guarding the room from outside. Yet the always silent Wu Xin couldn’t help but frown, “This Miss Nalan, if I remember correctly she is a concubine’s daughter and was abandoned by the Nalan family. With a cowardly disposition, she wouldn’t complain even though she was forced to suffer bullying and humiliation. On top of that, she didn’t even have a cultivation base. How can her true appearance and the rumours about her be so different?”

Before Qing Long could reply, Wu Yu clicked his tongue twice and laughed, “If this little girl is considered cowardly, then there are no brave women in this world. Someone sold her to Gluttonous House to be an auction product, but when she opened her eyes, she cleanly killed all the guests in the room. Master and I personally witnessed it with our own eyes.”

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