The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 143 – Princess? What Rubbish Is This?

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Chapter 143 – Princess? What Rubbish Is This?

Barely pausing after speaking, Hexi’s hand was already in motion as she tossed out a handful of silver poison at Zhu Que’s approaching poison powder.

What happened next caused the people present to become stunned.

The blackish grey poison powder and the silver powder were like nemesis’ meeting midair. When they collided, it was like time stopped as they both hovered in the sky, forming an ash grey barrier that caused everyone’s hair to stand on end.

Subsequently, Hexi lightly brandished the Bone Whip in her hand and strong spiritual power erupted, knocking aside the poison barrier.

The mixed poisons then, without pause, flew straight towards Zhu Que.

“Ahh—!” Zhu Que’s eyes opened wide with fright, horror expressed on her face.

When she threw the poison powder she had been utterly confident that Hexi would die, so unfortunately, she hadn’t made any defence preparations. So when the poisons headed towards her, she was completely caught off guard.

The tip of her nose smelled a familiar stench, causing Zhu Que’s body to shake all over and despair to surge within her heart.

The next moment, a Protective Barrier appeared in front of Zhu Que, in a flash obstructing the poisons from reaching her. The poison powder and the silver powder then gently fluttered to the ground.

After barely touching the ground, the silver powder began to evaporate, the poison powder soon following and also disappearing without a trace. However, what is most horrifying of all, is that the ground where the silver powder landed, there were burnt holes remaining.

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The is a so called Divine Medical Poison; after committing a crime, it will naturally evaporate and disappear without a trace, not even a hair will remain. Compared to Zhu Que’s handmade poison, this Melting Bone silver powder was a thousand times more formidable.

Princess? Hexi’s brows wrinkled, what sort of name is this?

Just as she was about to open her mouth and ask, Zhu Que who was standing behind Bai Hu once again went mad, wanting to rush towards Hexi, “You think with just your little cultivation base that you can really compete with me? Before I was only momentarily tricked by you, this time I must kill…”

Zhu Que had barely finished her threat, when Bai Hu lifted his hand, and released a powerful burst of spiritual pressure towards her.

Zhu Que’s complexion changed, and quivering all over, she spat out a mouthful of blood with a ‘pfft’.

In disbelief, she raised her head and stared at Bai Hu, “You…you go so far as to injure me for an unknown s.l.u.t, good, good! Bai Hu, you saw that I was harmed by this woman and lost my cultivation base, so now you want to push me further into a pit of despair too?”

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