The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 142 – Overconfident In Front Of An Expert

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Chapter 142 – Overconfident In Front Of An Expert

Barely finished speaking, a blade made of wind condensed on her palm, resolutely shooting towards Hexi.

This time, her attack used all of her strength as she was no longer holding back. Swearing an oath to herself that she would willingly risk her life and be blamed by Master, she wanted to behead this s.l.u.t on the spot.

“Zhu Que don’t—!!!” Bai Hu exclaimed in alarm, a Protective Barrier immediately condensing on his palm to protect Hexi. However, Zhu Que was closer to her. Without checking, he knew that it was too late to save her, his complexion couldn’t help but changing.

The wind blade whistled as it shot towards Hexi with deadly killing intent, sweeping up pebbles and dirt in it’s wake.

Hexi calmly watched the wind blade approach her, neither retreating or avoiding it. Instead, a corner of her mouth slowly lifted into a ridiculing smile.

Just when the wind blade was about to reach her, Hexi suddenly raised her hand, the white Bone Whip clutched in her fist since who knows when.

The Bone Whip lifted slightly, and in a split second a faint golden-blue light flickered, striking the wind blade and splitting it in two in the blink of an eye.

The wind blade swept past her sides, raising strands of her soft black hair, and finally disappearing without a trace. Standing unharmed in the middle of the gale, Hexi sneered at Zhu Que.

Bai Hu’s mouth opened wide with shock, astonishment plastered across his face.

With white skin resembling snow, eyes like brilliant jewels, and delicate facial features, the girl standing gracefully under the sunshine was just like a fairy that had descended to the mortal world. Her body didn’t have any obvious spiritual power, but from her action a moment ago, Bai Hu could clearly sense spiritual power being used.

Moreover, Bai Hu had never seen this type of this spiritual power before. It wasn’t one of the single spiritual root powers of metal, wood, water, fire, or earth, yet neither was it one of the common variations of spiritual roots, this…how could this be?

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Did Nalan Hexi have a cultivation base or not?

Once this poison powder touched a person’s body, their skin will itch as it rots, inch by inch, not stopping until they finally turn into a stinking corpse, their bones dried up and their flesh like liquid.

Nalan Hexi, you harmed me, so if I can’t dismember your body, I will instead break your bones and scatter the ashes of your corpse! Until then, I cannot avenge the hatred in my heart!!

As the powder spread, Hexi sniffed the air and could smell a particular stench.

A corner of her mouth lifted into a cold smile, and sneering, she said, “Unexpectedly, you dare use poison in front of your ancestor. You’re practically playing with an axe at the doorway of Lu Ban’s house[1], overestimating your capabilities like this.”

[1]It is said that Lu Ban, influenced by the fact that the leaves of cogon gra.s.s are shaped like the teeth of a saw, invented the saw; and that he constructed a bird out of bamboo strips that could fly in the air for three days and three nights without falling. Lu Ban had a number of inventions, which is the reason why he is worshipped by Chinese people as the founder of carpentry as a trade. To ‘play with an axe at the doorway to Lu Ban’s house’ is, of course, indicative of not knowing one’s own limitation.

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