The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 141 – What Happened To Nangong Yu?

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Chapter 141 – What Happened To Nangong Yu?

Hexi was just about to push the door open, when Zhu Que’s sharp voice came through the thick iron gate, “Bai Hu, if you still regard me as a partner considering we grew up together, then step aside. Otherwise, I will be forced to be impolite to you! Today I must slaughter that s.l.u.t!”

Bai Hu immediately retorted, “You heard Master’s words before he lost consciousness, she is Master’s personally chosen Princess. From now on, she is also our Master. Even if I blamed her for causing harm to Master, Master’s orders are not something we can ignore.”

Princess? Harmed Master? Hexi, whose hands were about to slightly press on the door, froze. Bewilderment appearing in her eyes.

Zhu Que was silent for a minute, then when she next spoke, it was in a voice sharp with anger, “Bai Hu, don’t forget, Master’s current condition is due to that s.l.u.t harming him! If it wasn’t for him saving her, how could Master still remain unconscious. I’m not able to…not able to…move out of the way! Otherwise, don’t blame me if I use poison against you!”

“Zhu Que, don’t cause trouble without a reason. Even if you used poison, just based on your current cultivation base, how could that injure me?” Bai Hu’s voice was filled with exhaustion and annoyance, “What’s more, Qing Long has suggested that perhaps she’ll be able to cure Master. After all, Qing Long personally witnessed her curing Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness. He definitely wouldn’t lie about about something like this and jeopardise Master’s safety.”

“Moreover, have you forgotten what’s behind this door?” Bai Hu’s voice became cold, sharp like the edge of a sword, “No one is allowed to enter Master’s bedroom, including us eight trusted subordinates. Whoever enters without permission will be killed, no excuse! The only one who is allowed to enter is Miss Nalan, don’t tell me that you still don’t understand what this means?”

Zhu Que’s expression blanked for a moment, then she suddenly laughed loudly, her voice full of resentment and loathing, “You believe that trash that’s unable to use spiritual power will be able to cure Master? You don’t want to listen to me even though I’m a fifth rank doctor, and an official member of the Doctors a.s.sociation?!”

“Then could you give me your word that you can definitely cure Master?” Bai Hu calmly asked.

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Zhu Que hesitated before she responded, then she abruptly raised her voice, “If I’m unable to cure Master, don’t tell me that that immature and inexperienced girl is able to do it. Aren’t you and Qing Long being muddle headed?! The two of you believing that s.l.u.t…do you really want to kill Master?”

Hexi didn’t care about answering his question, and instead, with a calm expression on her face asked, “What happened to Nangong Yu? Injured too heavily? Bring me to see him immediately!”

Hexi couldn’t describe her mood at this moment. It’s like there was a claw incessantly scratching at her heart, painful and irritating.

Obviously he is only a stranger she met by chance, but once she heard that he was seriously injured, her good mood disappeared without a trace, leaving only worry and a trace of unfamiliar fear remaining. Fear that something will happen to him.

Bai Hu had no time to answer before Zhu Que screamed, “s.l.u.t, it was you that harmed Master! If you hadn’t seduced Master, his condition wouldn’t be so life threatening! You should just go die you s.l.u.t!”

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