The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 138 – Divine Sense Imprint

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Chapter 138 – Divine Sense Imprint

Hexi put Dandan back on the ground, but it immediately tried to take advantage of her and clung to the bottom of her clothes, shouting about being hungry.

This time Hexi completely ignored it’s spoiled child act, spreading out her hands, “Everything was eaten by you, where would I get the ingredients from in such a short time? I have no energy either, so there’s nothing I can do, you’ll just have to starve. Furthermore, I want you to clean up this mess you made, otherwise, you’ll never eat the food that I make again.”

Finished speaking, she no longer cared about Dandan’s tantrum, and instead started to examine the jade boxes.

Dandan yelled for half a day, but after realising that Hexi was really angry and was refusing to acknowledge him, he couldn’t but help drop it’s small head, it’s antennae softly drooping.

All of a sudden, the antennae on it’s head moved, and looking around at the mess in the room, it lifted it’s arms in the air, waving it’s small hands.

Soon, everything was once again categorised, all neatly placed back on the shelves.

Dandan looked at the shelves for a long while, letting out a giggle, and just when it was about show Hexi so she could praise it, it noticed her staring at the eight jade boxes flying around the room with anxiousness.

The antennae on it’s small head swayed, and suddenly understanding, it waved a claw in the air. Soon after, the light surrounding the eight jade boxes flickered, and with a whoosh, they flew towards Hexi, abruptly stopping in front of her.

Hexi stared blankly, confused about what had just happened, when Dandan used it’s small and short legs to run to her, pulled a corner of her clothes, and boasted, “Mother, you see, I’ve tidied it all up. I also helped Mother catch these disobedient boxes. Mother, aren’t I awesome? Don’t get angry again, okay?”

Hexi touched it’s small head, praising it. Seeing it roll about in happiness, she couldn’t help but laugh. Whether it’s in an egg or this unknown shape, this little guy behaves like a five year old child.

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Hexi picked up one of the jade box’s, first trying to open it using spiritual power, and when that failed, she used her Divine Sense to probe it.

Hexi sat cross-legged on the ground, examining the things in front of her, unsure of what to start with.

She beckoned Dandan over, “Dandan, do you know what these things are?”

Dandan scratched it’s antennae with a small, stubby hand, confusion across it’s face.

However, when it noticed the jade slips, it’s eyes lit up like it suddenly recalled something. Running over, it pulled one of the jade slips from the pile, handing it to Hexi, “Mother, I remembered! Grandpa Xumi said that he left Mother some guides. He told me to tell Mother, that after the Spirit Firmament Palace door opened, to first look at this…yes, it’s this jade slip.”

Hexi’s eyes shone, and taking the jade slip, her mind quickly sank into it.

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