The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 133 – Demon Day And Night

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Chapter 133 – Demon Day And Night

In Yan Jing city for anyone that is a cultivator, when they tried to absorb spiritual power, they discovered that not only were they unable to absorb any, but instead, an invisible force was extracting the spiritual power within their bodies.

All the martial artists turned pale with fright, and immediately, they took out all kinds of spiritual talismans and magical tools to resist this powerful suction. However this force was much larger than they expected, so other than martial artists at Gold Core stage or higher who were able to form protective barriers, the rest of the martial artists, no matter how powerful a magical item they used, they couldn’t stop the spiritual power dissipating within their bodies.

At this time in Yan Jing city, alleyways that are normally silent as soon as the sun set, were instead in chaos. Even the older generations from large influential families that were in closed door cultivation were alarmed, having come out earlier.

Every major family, including Jin Ling’s royal family, all sent out troops to inquire and investigate the source of why they were unable to use their spiritual power. Unfortunately, since all the martial artists were unable to use their full strength, they naturally couldn’t find the source of this weird phenomenon.

Suddenly, the absorption of spiritual power sped up, and in the sky above Yan Jing city, there appeared a huge white vortex, visible to the naked eye.

The vortex rotated faster and faster, while it’s size grew larger and larger. Hovering above Yan Jing city, it resembled a white sun, lighting up the entire city.

“Heavens, what’s that?”

“Is this vortex absorbing our spiritual power?”

“In the end, what is this?”

All the martial artists in Yan Jing city rushed outside to look at the glaring white vortex.

Suddenly, someone shouted out, “Demon day and night has arrived…this is the beginning of the demon day and night!!”

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Once these words were said, all the martial artists burst out in a huge uproar, horror expressed on everyone’s faces.

The last seal that remained on her dantian had now been destroyed, eroding away with the pure spiritual power, causing Hexi’s cultivation base to rapidly increase in stages.

Early stage of Qi Refining, middle stage of Qi Refining, peak of Qi Refining…Nangong Yu slightly raised an eyebrow as he watched the cultivation base of the girl in his arms rising. Slowly it broke through to the Qi Refining stage, and from the Qi Refining stage, in a flash it rose to the advanced rank of the Foundation Establishment stage. Yet despite this, the growth of her cultivation base still didn’t stop.

Such a frightening advancing speed, if other martial artists were to see it they would certainly be scared to the point that their eyes would fall from their sockets.

Nangong Yu bowed his head, kissing the girl’s warm and soft, rose petal lips. So although the blood within his body had begun to freeze, causing his body to tremble in pain, while his skin is pale and transparent, seeming as if it will crack at any time, his lips still formed a gentle and soft smile.

At the same time, Hexi’s s.p.a.ce was also undergoing earth-shaking changes.

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