The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 130 – Blood Contract

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Chapter 130 – Blood Contract

Next, this kind of heat slowly permeated to her bones, roasting her, burning her, as if at any time she would be burnt to ashes.

A painful groan was released from Hexi’s mouth, her eyebrows frowning tightly as the intense pain make her whole body begin to spasm and struggle. Her throat almost unable to hold back a shrill scream.

Just when it became unbearable, there was a sudden flow of icy liquid. It pa.s.sed through her lips, glided down her throat, and entered her internal organs. In a flash spreading throughout her entire body.

So comfortable, so refreshing…I want more!

Hexi couldn’t help but let out a pleased sigh, her hands instinctively extending to hold on to something. Her mouth released a hoa.r.s.e groan, then her lips used their full strength to suck harder, so as to be able to absorb more of the icy liquid.

The next moment, Hexi felt whatever was embracing her suddenly tighten, as if it wanted to merge with her body. The soft lips pressing against hers abruptly hardened, speeding up with pa.s.sion, as if they were trying to conquer her mouth.

The icy liquid slowly infiltrated her body, making the blood in her veins heat up. But this kind of heat didn’t cause her pain, instead, it made her cling harder as she lost herself to the comfort she was feeling.

Indulging in their fiery pa.s.sion, Hexi and Nangong Yu hadn’t yet realised that along with the Yang spiritual power being neutralised by the Yin blood, the essence of the Yuan Yang Fruit began to slowly be absorbed by Hexi’s dantian.

Hexi’s dried up dantian that had been oddly sealed firmly, had now become a huge spiritual power vortex. The whirlpool steadily grew larger, picking up speed. Suddenly, a glaring white light burst from Hexi’s body, soon after spreading throughout the vast world.


As Qing Long stood guard outside the iron gate, with Zhu Que and Bai Hu standing opposite him, the faint smell of blood leaked out from the crack under the gate. Abruptly, their expressions changed.

The spiritual power within the three people’s bodies burst forth, while the blood essence in their chests’ surged forward, as if it wanted to fly into the room.

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Zhu Que’s face distorted once again, and hissing she said, “It’s Master. Master’s using his blood essence to treat that s.l.u.t!!”

Zhu Que still wanted to say more, when suddenly, several figures quickly descended from the sky.

Without waiting to properly land and gain their balance, the people immediately rushed over to the three people standing by the gate and shouted, “We sensed Master’s Qi dwindling and our blood contracts’ flared. What has happened to Master?”

The people that had arrived were several other contract servants under Nangong Yu that had been away from Yan Jing city recently; Xuan Wu[2], Wu Xin, and Wu Yu.

Once Zhu Que saw Wu Xin and Wu Yu, she immediately couldn’t help but start crying, “Big Brother Wu Xin, Big Brother Wu Yu, Master is inside currently using his own Blood Essence to save an ordinary woman. But, but it’s soon time for Master’s illness to show up, if he’s not stopped and treated, I’m really afraid that Master…afraid Master…waahh…”

[1]Blood Essence, also known as Heart Blood, is basically “lifeblood” or “lifeforce”. Powerful techniques sometimes require cultivators to expend their Essence, shortening their lifespan as a result.

[2]Xuan Wu = Black Tortoise. He is the fourth mythological named character, joining Zhu Que (Vermillion Bird/Phoenix), Qing Long (Azure Dragon), and Bai Hu (White Tiger)

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