The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 129 – Cold Blood

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Chapter 129 – Cold Blood

Zhu Que bitterly glared at him, her voice piercing to their ears, “Qing Long, what are you doing? Do you want to let that s.l.u.t kill Master? Quickly get out of the way, let me go in to save Master!”

Qing Long’s face was expressionless as he faintly said, “Master’s orders. Regardless of whether it’s wrong or not, I refuse to disobey.”

No matter how much Zhu Que insulted or screamed, Qing Long remained completely unmoved. His cultivation base is the highest amongst them, so although they’re all Gold Core stage martial artists, even if Zhu Que and Bai Hu joined together to fight him, they wouldn’t necessarily win. Thus, the people outside the bedroom door were deadlocked.


Inside the bedroom, Nangong Yu carefully placed Hexi on his bed.

He is a person with mysophobia, so apart from a servant boy being allowed to come and sweep this bedroom, no one else is allowed to enter. For him, his bed is his to personally use, n.o.body has permission to touch it.

But now, seeing Hexi’s blood dye his bed red, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of disgust, all he felt was panic and distress.

His Xi Er should be wilful, arrogant, and cold, she shouldn’t be like she is now, dying and looking like she will disappear at any time.

Nangong Yu very carefully untied Hexi’s outer clothes, and grabbing the medicine that Qing Long brought in a moment ago, he sprinkled it over her horrific wound.

The medicine in h.e.l.l King Manor is naturally all high grade, so as soon as the following medicine made contact with her flesh, whether it is an injury caused by a sword or a wound from being struck by thunder, the speed of healing could clearly be seen by the naked eye.

However, when all the wounds were healed, Hexi’s breathing was still growing weaker, her pale face expressionless…

Nangong Yu held her icy body in his embrace, fear bubbling up in his heart.

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This is the first time since birth that he has experienced such feelings. Fear, panic…terrified that the girl in his arms will leave him, and from then on he will no longer be able to see or touch her.

Once the Yuan Yang Fruit entered her body, Hexi suddenly groaned. Her pale complexion abruptly changing into a scorching red colour.

Soon, that fiery blaze spread from her dantian, burning through her meridians and skin, burning her to what felt like ashes. Nangong Yu suddenly bowed his head, deeply kissing those bright red lips.

Lips and teeth intertwined, body fluids mixed, and gradually the trace of Yin blood flowed between the mouths of the two people touching, slowly running down Hexi’s fair and translucent collarbone.


Lost in unconsciousness, Hexi could only feel her whole body burning.

Every vein in her body, every meridian, it all felt like it was being burnt by hot oil.

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