The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 128 – Closed Door Healing

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Chapter 128 – Closed Door Healing

Hexi’s appearance at this time was still bright, elegant, and exquisite, but because her disguise was removed, coupled with her hair loose and blowing in the wind, with just a glance Qing Long was able to see that this is Genius Doctor Xi…and that she is a girl!

Moreover, her appearance is so devastatingly beautiful that it is capable of causing the downfall of a city! It was even more impressive when you factored in that she is only a young girl yet has peerless medical expertise!

Qing Long sucked in a gulp of cold air, he was always calm and collected yet couldn’t help but blurt out, “Genius Doctor Xi is a woman?!”

It’s no wonder then! No wonder that Master cared about and cherished her so much, no wonder that on the carriage Master was like that…with her.

Standing on the side, Zhu Que was also able to recognise Hexi’s ident.i.ty with just a glance. Yet when she noticed that Hexi’s sallow and ugly face has now become so beautiful, both her hands clenched tightly, while her heart raged the words “Impossible, impossible!” repeatedly.

This abominable s.l.u.t! First she destroyed her appearance, making her ashamed to appear in front of Master. Now she exposed a delicate, pitiful, and charming fox-like appearance to seduce Master…so shameless! It’s simply too shameless!

Zhu Que’s eyes reddened, and firmly glaring at the unconscious Hexi, she was unaware that the veil on her face had slipped off.

She wanted to rush over and tear that face apart, pull her out from Nangong Yu’s arms and ruthlessly throw her to the ground. The hate born out of jealously in her heart was like a burning flame, causing the scar on her face to constantly twist. Resembling a centipede crawling on her beautiful face, it made her features look distorted and hideous.

Yet why would Nangong Yu care about the reactions of his subordinates at this time. Glancing at the girl in his arms whose breathing was gradually growing weaker, his eyes darkened as he coldly said, “I will heal Xi Er behind closed doors, prepare the best medicinal pills and send them in. Qing Long, you guard the door, without my order no one is allowed to enter.”

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Qing Long always obeyed Nangong Yu’s orders, yet when he heard what was he said his heart thumped loudly, and looking at Hexi he murmured, “Master, it’s time for you to…”

While it looked like nothing judging by the Master’s appearance, in truth, his body is suffering from great pain.

Nangong Yu didn’t even look at Zhu Que as he sneeringly said, “My matters are not for all of you to decide. Qing Long, don’t make me order you a second time!”

“Master—!!” Zhu Que exclaimed, but when she raised her head again, she didn’t see Master’s figure anymore.

Nangong Yu’s bedroom was restricted in h.e.l.l King Manor, so as the bedroom door firmly closed, Qing Long took up a position outside the door to guard it, his face cold and calm.

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