The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 127 – Annihilated

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Chapter 127 – Annihilated

Nangong Yu looked down at them with an indifferent expression, his bloodshot eyes covered with a layer of frost, “Speak! If you tell me who the mastermind is, I’ll let the from Drought Demon Organisation off.”

That means that he really intends to destroy all of the from Drought Demon Organisation if they don’t reveal anything!

The hopeful expression on the leader’s face crumpled, changing into one of utter despair. But, when facing this excessively strong young man, he didn’t have any courage to resist answering, “We…we don’t know who requested the mission. All the Drought Demon Organisation deals with is receiving the mission from the black market, we just take the money without asking questions.”

“Since this is the case…” The corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth raised into a cruel smile, “Then your existence is unnecessary.”

He had barely spoken, when a bright ball of spiritual power suddenly formed on his slightly raised left hand.

The kneeling at Nangong Yu’s feet screamed with fear and he wanted to flee, but without being able to take even a single step, the ball of spiritual power ball wrapped itself around his body, and that of the other

Soon after their bodies felt like there was something drilling into them, and the surface of their skin began to swell with uneven b.u.mps.

“Ah ah ah ah—!!” The screamed in pain, and following that their bodies ripped apart, leaving only blood and bones splattered around.

However, the ball of spiritual power hadn’t finished its destruction yet, continuing to burn the blood and bones with a faint blue flame until it completely eroded everything, leaving nothing but ash. Only then did the spiritual fire slowly disappear without a trace.

Nangong Yu glanced at the wind spreading the ash of the two into the air. Then sneering, he held Hexi, and rapidly flew back to h.e.l.l King Manor.


h.e.l.l King Manor.

Qing Long, Bai Hu, and Zhu Que were standing at the gate, from time to time they would look at the sky with worried expressions.

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Bai Hu incessantly muttered out of nervousness, “It’s already reached this point, the time when Master’s illness is about to flare, so why would he suddenly go out? Why has he still not returned?”

Bai Hu answered, “Of course Master’s will is the priority!”

While Zhu Que answered, “Of course the cheap person who will threaten Master must be killed!”

The two people almost responded in unison, and after they finished speaking they looked at each other in dismay, each with a complicated expression on their face. Even Qing Long’s eyebrows were creased, his face twisted.

Just then, Qing long’s expression lit up and he shouted with a low voice, “Master’s returned!”

The next moment, Nangong Yu descended from the sky with his robes floating around him, landing by h.e.l.l King Manor’s big gate.

Qing Long was just about to come forward, wanting to follow, when suddenly he looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y figure in Master’s arms, his eyes opening wide, “Master, this…is this Genius Doctor Xi?!”

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