The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 126 – Drought Demon Organisation

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Chapter 126 – Drought Demon Organisation

“Hexi—-!!” A frightened and angry roar sounded at her ears, the voice so familiar yet so distant.

Hexi was only half conscious and as her body grew colder, she could feel that someone was holding her in their arms, gently removing the skin mask on her face.

This person was slightly trembling as they embraced her in what felt like fear and regret, but…so warm, so comforting.

The corner of Hexi’s mouth raised into a faint, gentle smile, before she then lost consciousness.

Nangong Yu hugged Hexi tightly. Examining her heavily injured body, he didn’t dare believe his own eyes.

The girl’s features under the mask were still delicate and beautiful, but her complexion was deathly pale, nearly transparent. Her phoenix eyes that always captivated him were now dull, devoid of light, as if at any time she would disappear from this world.

A few days ago he was listening to Bai Hu’s report, eating her specially prepared foods, and imagining her proud and playful appearance.

He has always been looking forward, looking forward to the day he would be able to meet with her. The day he would be able to lift the seal on her dantian, letting her depend on him more so that they would be inseparable.

However, he when he awoke this morning what was waiting for him?

It was to an alert from the imprint he left on Hexi’s body, letting him know that she was being attacked! After he hurriedly rushed over, what he found is her dying.

Nangong Yu’s hands clenched tightly into fists, the light in his eyes scarlet flames that burned fiercely.

At this moment, he was strongly trying to suppress a heaven destroying, earth extinguishing fury. He wanted to dismember the people who injured Hexi, crushing their bones to dust.

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“Xi Er, you’ll be fine.” Nangong Yu gripped Hexi’s hand, quickly transferring the pure essence of his spiritual power to her, “You have me here, I definitely won’t let something happen to you.”

That one who was bestowed the name “King of the Underworld, ruling over the life and death of the human world, controlling the Six Paths of Reincarnation”, completely ruthless when killing his enemies…that His Highness h.e.l.l King?!!

The sat blankly on the ground. Under Nangong Yu’s fierce gaze, their bodies began to tremble all over.

Heavens! In the end, what sort of mission had the Drought Demon Organisation received?

This clearly unremarkable girl, without any good looks, how could the h.e.l.l King have taken a fancy to her?

No one who provoked the h.e.l.l King had been able to survive intact! This is the day the from Drought Demon Organisation would be annihilated!

“Mercy—! h.e.l.l King, please spare us!” The cultivation base of the leader was too low so he couldn’t help but feel fear in his heart, and crawling to Nangong Yu’s feet, he said in a trembling voice, “We only received a mission…and we accepted money from that person, so on behalf of that person we were to kill her. We didn’t really want to intentionally dispose of Miss Nalan…please h.e.l.l King, spare us from Drought Demon Organisation!”

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