The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 123 – Beheaded In One Strike

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Chapter 123 – Beheaded In One Strike

“You—!” Xiao Ba opened his mouth to shout, but the little girl that had been hiding in the shadows suddenly disappeared.

The next moment, Xiao Ba felt a burst of sharp pain in his throat, and suddenly, blood was spewing from his neck.

Opening his eyes wide in disbelief, he stared at the girl almost within reach before he quickly retreated. His eyes were filled with fright, unwillingness, and despair.

Soon after he slowly closed his eyes, his breathing ceasing.

Beheaded in one strike!

Hexi didn’t pause, and quickly transferring all the internal power within her body to conceal her figure, she turned around and jumped out the window, escaping towards the depths of Cang Mountain.

In fact, Hexi’s current strength could in no way compare to a group of, let alone three. She hadn’t even had the confidence that she would win a one-on-one fight.

Just a moment ago, if that hadn’t been so careless, or if he hadn’t tried to use so much spiritual power after being hit by the Invisible Needles, he would have discovered that it was just a thin layer of internal power sealing his dantian. It wouldn’t have been able to withstand even a single blow.

Unfortunately, his first mistake was to seriously underestimate Hexi, and then, his second mistake was to lose his composure and become frightened by the Invisible Needles, becoming so terrified he had lost his ability to think. It was only then that Hexi had found the opportunity to kill him in one hit.

In the yard, the remaining three were still leisurely chatting, and even though they smelled the strong reek of blood, they didn’t have the slightest worry.

But as time went by, they started to realise that Xiao Ba was taking a little too long to complete his task, and that there weren’t any sounds of movement coming from the room.

Puzzled, they walked to the room, and after barely opening the door, all three of the’ faces changed.

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They saw that the small room was covered in blood, it even flowed to the door while the stench of it permeated the room.

The leader raised his arm, and condensing his spiritual power into a dark red fire ball on his hand, he wrapped it around the Flying Sword. Then, with one hand holding the sword hilt, he suddenly threw the sword.

The fireball engulfed the Flying Sword in a flash, following it as it hurtled at lightning speed towards the fleeing Hexi.

The’s heard a loud ‘bang’ and the fireball scattered, turning the Flying Sword into fine powder.

Yet the expected outcome of Hexi being torn apart into hundreds of pieces didn’t occur.

She instead stumbled two steps due to the heat of the explosion, yet without pausing she continued to dash forward, as if she wasn’t affected by that attack in the slightest.

In mid air, the three’ faces showed their shock. One must know, that the strike from the lead a moment ago was equal to the strength of ten people. His cultivation base is currently at the peak of Meridians stage, so even an expert on Gold Core stage would at least suffer a little damage from that strike. Yet how is that an ordinary person was able to walk away, seemingly unharmed?

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