The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 121 – Black Clothed Man

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Chapter 121 – Black Clothed Man

If Hexi were here now, she would have been shocked to find that the woman in this picture is a seven out of ten in similarity with her transformed appearance.

“Lingyue…Lingyue…” Nalan Zhengze repeated the woman’s name over and over again. With an intoxicated expression on his face, he kissed the lip’s of the woman in the picture and murmured, “Lingyue, do you know how much I miss you?”

He had barely spoken when suddenly, an hysterical-like light shone in his eyes born from insanity and hate. Retreating back a step, he roared, “You’re just my Concubine, but why do you look down on me…why don’t you obey me…”

At this moment, a crackling sound could be heard coming from below the spiral staircase. Following that, a beast-like roar with banging and scratching sounds echoed.

Nalan Zhengze’s lips raised in a smirk, and laughing twice, he looked at the stunning woman in the picture, his face twisted with an evil smile, “An Lingyue, An Lingyue! Aren’t you so proud and strong! But did you ever think that the child you would give birth to would fall into my hands for me to take advantage of? Hahahaha…”


Because of the intrusion of the black clothed men, Hexi didn’t go to sleep, rather, she meditated in her s.p.a.ce.

She discovered that although she is unable to store spiritual power and advance cultivation bases, with the spiritual energy entering her body repeatedly, it cleansed her meridians. So whether it is in strength or speed, she has the qualifications to advance.

Regarding internal power and martial arts, she is now one rank higher than she was in her previous life. As for the skill to conceal herself, she’s already at a much higher rank than the low level martial artists in this world.

While cultivating, time pa.s.sed slowly, and soon, the pitch black night sky outside her s.p.a.ce slowly lightened, and streaks of golden light coloured the eastern sky.

Hexi lazily stretched her body, and just as she was about to exit her s.p.a.ce, a sudden chill flashed through her body, leaving her slightly numb.

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It was like there were countless insects crawling along her spine, causing every nerve in her body to become taut.

Wet Nurse Chen was reluctant to escape and leave Hexi alone, but she was efficiently knocked out by Hexi, who then threw her to Xi Jia, “Properly protect Wet Nurse Chen and Xiao Li. Without my order, no one is allowed to return!”

Xi Jia and the others hesitated as they worriedly looked at Hexi, but their instinct to obey made them grit their teeth and nod.

Tears clung to Xiao Li’s face, and choking back sobs she said, “Miss, have I brought trouble to you?…I’m not leaving, I want to stay with you!”

Hexi sneered, “Do you want me to knock you out too? No matter who the people are that come, I have a way to deal with them! I don’t need you all to worry about it!”

Pausing, she then continued and said, “Keep watch over our home for me.”

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