The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 112 – Staging A Good Play

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Chapter 112 – Staging A Good Play

For example, the slightly sweet fragrance from red brocade mugwort, some sour myriad arrow gra.s.s, as well as pure sweetness from a cage core fruit…tsk tsk, this may be more expensive compared to ordinary ginseng and snow lotus herb. Can Madam Nalan really be so eager to part with her hard earned savings?

However, with this tonic that she was given, it would result in Hexi losing her mind, gradually turning her into an idiot.

Hexi smiled, and under Madam Nalan’s burning gaze, she drained the tonic in the teacup in one gulp.

“Good!” Madam Nalan’s face showed a satisfied smile, yet her eyes filled with scheming, “Later on, everyday around this time, I will order the servants to deliver the tonic to you. Hexi, you must obediently drink it!”

Wait until after you’ve drunk it for seven days, you will then become my puppet! At that time, I will let you experience living but not life, and dying yet not death.


Living in Nalan Manor was naturally much more extravagant and relaxing compared to the other courtyard. Every day there were delicacies of all kinds to taste, satin and silk dresses, and beautiful servant girls catering to every whim.

But Wet Nurse Chen’s face was full of anxiety. After noticing Madam’s personal servant, Si Lu, fixedly watch Hexi drink the tonic before leaving, she then lowered her voice and said, “Miss, why has Madam ordered a servant to deliver tonic to you everyday? They also insist that you have to drink it all.”

A moment after leaving, Si Lu was no longer able to suppress the expression on her face, revealing a pleased smile.

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Hexi slightly sneered, “Wet Nurse rest a.s.sured, after today no one will deliver tonic again. Moreover, a good play will soon begin.”

If Madam’s soul in heaven could see Miss like this, she would probably feel very happy!

Just as Hexi expected, after she drank the seventh cup of tonic, Madam Nalan thought she now had a foolproof plan and began to arrange for the Zhu family’s father and son to visit once again.

The Zhu family can be considered as a well known and wealthy family in Jin Ling kingdom. Zhu family’s Master, Zhu Yiqun’s Madam, came from an outstanding and famous sect, while his younger sister, Zhu Raorao, married into the royal family and became an imperial concubine. Zhu Raorao gave birth to the Sixth Prince, and that Prince is doted upon most by the Emperor. Just going off family backgrounds, the Zhu family and the four great families can stand side by side.

Unfortunately, the shrewd and powerful Master Zhu happens to have a stupid pig for a son. Not only was he weak, he was also ugly. Everyday he would frequent brothels and kidnap women from lower cla.s.s families. He didn’t yet have a Main Wife, but he already had seven to eight rooms full of Concubines!

With him resembling an ignorant and incompetent pig like this, which decent family’s Young Miss would be willing to marry him? As it happened, only young women from small families would be interested, which Master Zhu despised. This had resulted in Zhu Zhongba’s marriage been delayed.

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