The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 111 – You Won’t Blame Me, Right?

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Chapter 111 – You Won’t Blame Me, Right?

Hexi slightly raised her eyebrows and meaningfully said, “What Madam said is correct, previously in the other courtyard, Butler Li and that group of slaves humiliated me everyday. They would bully me for their amus.e.m.e.nt and said it was all Madam’s order, but Wet Nurse Chen, as a slave from Nalan Manor, opposed Butler Li. Going against Madam’s order, she put her own life at risk to protect me. This kind of dedicated slave, Nalan Manor still won’t spare her!”

Hearing what was said, Madam Nalan’s complexion changed and she sharply shouted, “What nonsense are you talking about! How can I order people to bully you? Hexi, who taught you to be so ignorant of the relations.h.i.+ps between people that you would slander an elder?”

Hexi lightly laughed, “This isn’t talking nonsense, but let’s call over my current slaves in the other courtyard to confront them and see. Oh, and in order for it to be fair, I suggest we have a public trial outside Nalan Manor’s gate. If I really have slandered my elders, then it’ll be good to let everyone criticise me together, isn’t that so?”

The muscles on Madam Nalan’s face twitched strangely, while her hands made cracking sounds as they clenched at her sides. Yet in the end she endured it, and with difficulty, she plastered a smile on her face, “A public trial you say? I love you dearly and regard you as my own daughter, how can I not believe that what you have said is true? Those slaves used my name to deliberately make things difficult for you, that group of d.a.m.ned slaves…”

“Indeed, a group of d.a.m.ned slaves.” Hexi continued, saying, “Therefore, I’ve already punished them, yet it was without authority. Madam won’t blame me, right?”

Madam Nalan’s face showed a shocked expression, and when her eyes made contact with w.a.n.g Zhong’s own, she saw him nod, then shake his head. Her gaze was somewhat filled with contempt as she looked at Hexi and she couldn’t help but coldly snort, calming down her heart.

With an amiable smile once again hanging on her face, her was voice gentle as she said, “For just several insignificant slaves, how could I blame you? Hexi, you’ve suffered hards.h.i.+ps, in the future when you return to the Nalan family, I’ll give you a tonic to nurse your body back to health. I’ve already ordered people to pack up your courtyard and you can rest a.s.sured, since Wet Curse Chen loyally protected you, I will let her continue to serve you. What do you think?”

Hexi nodded her head, slightly lowering her eyes as she replied, “Then I’ll trouble Madam.”

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Madam Nalan’s eyes revealed a smile, and suddenly she waved her hand while raising her voice, “Did all of you already bring the things I ordered you to prepare for Third Miss?”

For a martial artist these items wouldn’t have any usefulness, so they weren’t worth more than a few crystal stones. But for the original Nalan Hexi, these ordinary clothes and pieces of jewellery were things she had never seen before.

Madam Nalan noticed Hexi staring fixedly at the clothes and jewellery, and a satisfied expression showed on her face while a coldness flashed in her eyes. Reaching out, she picked up the teacup that was carried to her side, then handed over it to Hexi, “This tonic is something I ordered people to begin stewing since early this morning. It contains high quality ginseng and snow lotus herb, it’s useful for improving one’s appearance and nouris.h.i.+ng one’s skin. Hexi, quickly drink it while it’s still warm!”

Hexi took the tonic, and opening the lid, a strong fragrance immediately a.s.saulted her nostrils.

Once open, Hexi knew right away that a lot of high quality ingredients were added, yet that definitely wasn’t all.

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