The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 110 – Nalan Manor’s Demons

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Chapter 110 – Nalan Manor’s Demons

“Wait.” A clear and beautiful woman’s voice suddenly sounded.

That voice wasn’t heavy and the tone was calm, but it echoed in everyone’s ears, causing the two servants’ movements to halt.

Hexi lifted her head, her tranquil and deep eyes looked at Madam Nalan’s surprised expression, and the corner of her mouth lifted into a faint smile, “It’s said that Madam Nalan is benevolent and n.o.ble, so why must Hexi see a b.l.o.o.d.y scene on arrival? Hexi’s courage is small, if Nalan Manor is so terrible, I think I’ll go back to my small courtyard and stay there.”

Madam Nalan’s eyes opened wide. She couldn’t believe that Nalan Hexi actually had the guts to speak to her like this.

This…is this really Nalan Hexi?

Hexi wasn’t concerned with what Madam Nalan thought, and directly walking forward, she grabbed Wet Nurse Chen from the two servants and helped her to stand.

The two servants’ felt their hands that were gripping Wet Nurse Chen tightly loosen. They didn’t know how, but they suddenly felt pain in their elbows, and following that, their whole bodies became numb. Finding themselves unable to move even a single step, Wet Nurse Chen was easily taken from their hands.

Wet Nurse Chen’s face was covered in tears, her expression full of remorse and guilt as she looked at Hexi.

It was at this moment that she finally realised, these people didn’t receive her Miss back to let her live comfortably, rather, it was because they wanted to push her into a pit of fire. She was so stupid, always pressuring Miss to return to Nalan Manor, and now she had actually put her Miss in danger.

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“Miss, I…”

In addition, Nalan Zhengze had pa.s.sed down an order that no one was allowed to harm Nalan Hexi’s life. This had led to Wet Nurse Chen and the original Nalan Hexi to have delusions about this Father, believing that his decision was because he cared about their father-daughter bond.

However, Hexi snorted at this way of thinking. If he really cared about their father-daughter bond, would he have thrown away his own daughter to a remote area, never meeting her for many years, unconcerned about her welfare? Hehe, then the feelings of this Father for his daughter were too cheap.

As for not allowing anyone to harm Nalan Hexi’s life, that was most likely because she still had some value. Nalan Zhengze, this doctor, it seemed that he was very different from the kind and upright doctor that he portrayed.

Hexi turned around, and coming into contact with Madam Nalan’s shocked expression, she couldn’t help but lightly lift the corners of her mouth, revealing a faint smile.

Madam Nalan’s face twisted, yet in the next moment and with great difficulty, she managed to plaster a concerned and blame filled expression back onto her face, “Hexi, you’re still young, you don’t understand how hateful that group of wicked slaves are, you were deceived by them. This Wet Nurse Chen is really too hateful, I can’t feel a.s.sured if I were to let her stay beside you. If you want servants, this Manor has many, I can even give you the servant I’m proudest of, Si Lu.”

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