The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 106 – As She Wishes

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Chapter 106 – As She Wishes

Qin Lu desperately struggled, however his eyes soon became expressionless, his consciousness disappearing.

Hexi coldly asked, “Tell me, why did Madam Nalan order me to return?”

Qin Lu opened his expressionless eyes wide while answering, “Madam didn’t want to let the Second Miss marry the Young Master of the Zhu family, but Second Miss’s reputation has already been ruined and the Zhu family is refusing to let the matter go. So Madam thought of letting the plum tree wither in place of the peach tree, by getting the Third Miss to replace the Second Miss in marrying the Young Master of the Zhu family. They would then tell everyone that the Young Master of the Zhu family had made a mistake, that the person who admired Young Master Zhu and stripped him was actually the Third Miss from Nalan Manor. If this were to happen, then the Nalan family and the Zhu family would still be related by marriage, and the Second Miss’s reputation also wouldn’t be damaged.”

So it’s like this!

The corner of Hexi’s mouth raised into a sneer, “Zhu Zhongba is a cruel yet stupid fatty, moreover, he’s also a womaniser…how was Madam Nalan going to ensure that I agreed to be married off as Nalan Feixue’s replacement?”

Qin Lu responded, “I don’t know. All Si Lu said was that Madam already had an absolutely sure method so that the Third Miss would get married, even if she wasn’t willing.”

After Hexi heard all the information Qin Lu had to give, she withdrew her Invisible Needles, then threw him off to the side.

Xi Jia bowed before Hexi, “Young Master, do you need me to clean this up?”

Hexi nodded, and watching Xi Jia drag the disabled Qin Lu away like a dead dog, her eyes didn’t show the slightest trace of emotion.

Once she turned her head, she came into contact with Bai Hu’s shocked gaze.

“Miss Nalan, you…aren’t you without a cultivation base? How are you able to control a person’s consciousness?”

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Hexi returned to her seat, and picking up the tea once more, she drank a mouthful before faintly saying, “Have you forgotten what my job is? As long as you’re familiar with the human body structure, you’ll naturally be able to control other people as you wish.”

Hexi smiled a chilling smile as she glanced at him, causing the watching Bai Hu to become scared. Shaking her head, she said, “It’s not necessary, I’ve already decided to go back to Nalan Manor. Doesn’t Madam Nalan want me marry to Zhu Zhongba? I can do as she wishes, moreover, I’ll properly repay her kindness.”

“How can that be possible?!” Bai Hu roared, his face anxious as he said, “Master definitely won’t allow you to marry another person, you are Master’s…”

Under Hexi’s cold gaze he automatically fell silent, even retreating back two steps due to fear.

Bai Hu’s heart was full of grief. Obviously he is an expert on Gold Core stage, yet why when he confronts Miss Nalan who lacks a cultivation base, does he always feel that his imposing manner means nothing to her. Instead, he would even be filled with a slight trace of fear!

Hexi ordered Xiao Li to pack the food for Bai Hu, then coldly snorted as she said, “Whoever I marry, it’s up to me to choose. People who disappear without a trace, neglecting to inform me beforehand, what qualifications do they have to control my decisions?”

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