The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 10 – You Dead Fat Pig, Just Dream On For Your Entire Life

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Chapter 10 – You Dead Fat Pig, Just Dream On For Your Entire Life

As it turns out they weren’t at the main Zhu Manor, rather it was the Zhu Family’s other courtyard.

Here was where Zhu Zhong Ba’s personal courtyard was located. Usually he brought women from good families that he forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hed and where he lived a life of dissipation[1].

Very quickly the cage was brought to Zhu Zhong Ba’s room. The little girl was carried out from the cage and thrown onto the soft bed.

Of course her hands and feet were still tied by iron chains so there was no danger.

“You all go out, no one is allowed to come in and bother me!”

Zhu Zhong Ba waited until everyone had completely left the room before a sordid smile spread across his face and he climb onto the bed: “If it were not for you having a body of pure Yin, how could this young master touch an ugly person like you!”

The was room lit using night pearls for illumination, specks of light softly landed on the little girl’s face.

An oval face, long and shapely eyebrows, a beautiful small nose, exquisite red lips, long eyelashes that slightly fluttered, and a fine chest that slightly moved up and down with each breath.

The dim light had weakened the little girl’s pale skin and the sallow dark circles under her eyes, making her look delicate and beautiful.

Unexpectedly the dimly lit room could make her look like an exceptional beauty?

Zhu Zhong Ba swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth, his heart wildly beat like a drum and all the blood in his body rushed forth to the lower part.

“I didn’t pay much attention before but she’s a little beauty!”

With his saliva to starting to pool again, his fat paws reached out to grope the little girl’s chest, “Little beauty don’t worry, this young master will soon let you experience the taste of being in seventh heaven……Ah—-!!”

Zhu Zhong Ba’s hands had not yet touched the little girl’s clothes when he was already flying in the air, landing heavily on the ground.

This time being thrown had made him confused and dizzy, his mind was buzzing, for half a day he couldn’t get up.

He Xi leisurely sat up on the bed, the thick iron chains scattered around her.

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Obviously the iron chains couldn’t hold her.

Moreover if this aloof and remote woman wasn’t afraid to approach him, bullying her would make him very comfortable!

Zhu Zhong Ba’s eyes flashed with excitement as an excessively demonic appearance formed on his face, holding the Slave Ownership Card while swaggering forward he raised his chin: “You still haven’t quickly come over to undress this young master, if you provoke this young master again there will only be more suffering for you!”

He Xi’s body had half curled up from pain and she was shivering slightly.

When she heard Zhu Zhong Ba’s words she was silent for a long time, slowly she extended her hand to grab Zhu Zhong Ba’s neck.

“So long as you listen obediently, this young master will not treat you unfairly!”

“Is that right? You want me to be obedient!” He Xi suddenly lifted up her head, her evil and cold smile came in contact with Zhu Zhong Ba’s eyes, “You dead fat pig, just dream on for your entire life!”

He Xi had barely finished speaking when she had already raised her foot and ruthlessly kicked Zhu Zhong Ba to fly off his feet.

[1] Dining, drinking, whoring, and gambling.

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