The Human Emperor

Huangfu Qi - 皇甫奇

Chapter 1755 - The Saint Martial Barracks!

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Chapter 1755: The Saint Martial Barracks!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Consort Taizhen’s expression was composed, her footsteps confident. There was not even the slightest hint of fear on her face.

“Stand aside! Even if Li Ying has complete control of the Imperial Palace, this consort will never fear him! There exists no record in history telling of a consort fearing a rebellious subject!”

Consort Taizhen’s face was intimidating as she descended the cold jade steps out of the hall.

“Your Majesty, you must not! Since they’ve dared to rebel, they no longer care for status! Your Majesty must not act on emotion! Quickly, come and hide with the servants!”

Several of Consort Taizhen’s palace maids anxiously tried to stop Consort Taizhen, but she shook them all off.

“There’s no need to try and persuade me. His Majesty is the Sage Emperor of the Great Tang, a sovereign to be hailed throughout the ages. This consort is his and will never damage His Majesty’s reputation in front of these treasonous scoundrels!” Consort Taizhen righteously proclaimed, not a single shred of fear to be seen on her beautiful face.


A sword suddenly swept through the air, its sharp blade pressing up against Consort Taizhen’s chin.

Countless soldiers had appeared, surrounding Yuzhen Palace. Their leader was the general gripping the sword.

“Your Majesty, I am just following orders and do not mean any offense! Your Majesty, please do not make things difficult for me!” the mounted general coldly said.

Seeing that Consort Taizhen had no intention of backing down and was going to push herself onto the sword, the general suddenly flipped the sword around and struck Consort Taizhen on the neck with the flat of the blade. Her vision went dark as she fell unconscious.

“Take her away!”

The general waved a palm, and his men surged forward.



At the northwest corner of the Imperial Palace, a large gyrfalcon shot out of the darkness like a sharp arrow.

As the gyrfalcon pa.s.sed by, on the ground, numerous soldiers brandishing weapons and torches were charging into Jinyang Palace.

“Seize them! Don’t let anyone escape!”

“Have you found the Fifth Prince?”

“Hold on! The Fifth Prince isn’t here!”

Harsh bellows came from Jinyang Palace, but as the soldiers discovered that their target was not present, the cries soon dissolved into chaos.

Far away from this place, a man dressed in Imperial Army armor stood in a shadow on a high wall and quietly watched all this transpire.

“Your Highness, the King of Foreign Lands was right! He really did make his move tonight!”

Li Jingzhong stood next to Fifth Prince Li Heng, counting his blessings as he looked at the vast crowd of soldiers in the distance.

“That was risky! Fortunately, we moved ahead of time, or the First Prince really would have succeeded!”

Li Heng had always been a thorn in the First Prince’s side, and no one understood this more than Li Jingzhong. If the First Prince had managed to succeed, Li Heng’s death would have been a.s.sured. Li Heng had been targeted countless times as he was growing up by the First Prince. In the face of imperial authority, there was no such thing as brotherhood. It had been extremely difficult for Li Heng to reach this point.

Li Heng said nothing. Upon realizing that Li Heng wasn’t present, those soldiers sent by the First Prince had begun to search the nearby palaces.

“Your Highness, this place is no longer safe! Let’s hurry and leave!” Li Jingzhong said.

All of them were wearing suits of Imperial Army armor, and Li Jingzhong was no exception. The Imperial Palace was in chaos, and Imperial Army soldiers were running around everywhere. Mixing in with the crowd to escape would be quite easy.

Li Heng silently stood on the wall, his eyes in turmoil.

“Uncle Jing, how many soldiers do we have?” Li Heng suddenly asked.


Li Jingzhong was taken aback by this question, but he instinctively replied.

“We have around four thousand soldiers!”

As a Prince, Li Heng could raise an army of one thousand personal soldiers, and in order to guard against the First Prince, Li Heng had also recruited men and planted them in the Imperial Army.

Now that the Imperial Palace was immersed in rebellion, Li Heng had naturally summoned his soldiers. Four thousand soldiers wasn’t a lot, naught but a cup of water for the burning cart that was the rebellion, but it was enough to protect himself.

Slowly, Li Heng turned toward Taiji Palace.

The fires were blazing and the shouting created a deafening din. The primary force of the rebellion had been gathered there.

The Imperial Palace was fraught with danger, and the First Prince’s men were seeking him out, but Li Heng’s greatest concern was not his own safety.

“Imperial Father…”

The image of Taiji Palace reflected off Li Heng’s black eyes. For a moment, there was great concern on his face, but Li Heng quickly composed himself.

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“Pa.s.s on my order! Gather the men! We’re going to Taiji Palace!”

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