The God Virus


Volume 2 - 96 Blue Flame

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'Well, the immunity process should be hundred percent in at most two hours, so I should get ready and begin the next and final level of the Purifying Stage...' He estimated quickly in his mind as he decided to get ready for initiating the last level of his current stage.

The final level was going to be completely different from the previous levels to a whole new degree.

"Lil Belle..." With a voice louder than his normal volume, Virus called the golden beauty.

Then, a couple of seconds later, the sound of her footsteps was heard together with her voice, "What is it, master?"

Shortly afterward, she came out of a room as she was in Virus' line of sight with a teapot and a cup of tea.

Virus replied, "We need to go on a short trip to my atoll..."

Listening to his words, the golden beauty turned around and uttered while walking away, "Okay master, let me just put these back..."

"Wait... we will go after I taste your tea, lil Belle." Stopping the golden beauty in her tracks, Virus voiced.

A broad smile of happiness appeared on the golden beauty's face whose features Virus couldn't see due to her still looking the other way.

Then turning back to her master with a small smile on her face, she questioned, "But master, won't you be late like that?"

"It's okay lil Belle, even if I'm late, it's worth it... because... I'm trying the best tea in the world instead." Virus replied with a grin sitting on his face.

After Virus enjoyed his cup of tea, they immediately left to the airport where they took off to their next destination.



Finally landing on Virus' private atoll, the two walked out of the private jet where both the Island ugly and the Security ugly were waiting patiently for their master to come out.

Seeing their master walk out, without any delay, they both bowed from their waists and saluted at him simultaneously without actually voicing anything.

"Let's not bother with the unnecessary stuff, it's prepared, right?" Without beating around the bush, gazing at the Island ugly, he inquired.

"Yes, master." The Island ugly who knew what his master meant by that question, replied.

"Good, then lead the way." Virus commanded in response.

Receiving the order, the Island ugly led the way to the SUV from where he drove directly to the place he had taken the CEO ugly previously on a tour, the underground world.

When they were above the First floor, Witnessing the huge underground world in front of her, the golden beauty was amazed and fascinated.

Prior to this, she didn't know this magnificent place even existed, and now that she witnessed it, she stared with a frustrated gaze at Virus accompanied with a cute pout, while musing to herself, 'Master always keeps interesting things a secret from lil Belle...'

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But Virus seemed not to have realized the golden beauty's gaze as his own was directed at the small world in front of him.

Opening the door, he entered and closed the door behind himself without even taking the slightest of a glimpse at his back.

Now, he was standing inside a room with every wall in every direction being completely white, this was inside of the gigantic cube.

Some seconds after staying still, he mumbled, "Interface."

And the moment these words came out of his mouth, 3D screens and texts with other 3D pictures started appearing all around him. Now, the whole room was filled with this huge 3D interface.

'Hmm, these are just random and meaningless unorganized codes. Let's start making this thing ready.' Thinking this, without moving in the least, all of the texts around him started changing, every code in the room were changing at the same time as they were being written anew.

If only there was someone else in the room with Virus, that person would probably think the codes were complete gibberish as there were an infinite number of different shapes in them, almost no single code seemed the same.

'Hmm, now that the materials I ordered have been placed in their own correct spots, I should just optimize it, input the exact order of processing and programme everything else that is necessary, then everything would progress just fine.' In a moment far lesser than a second, this thought went through Virus' head as, at the same time, the codes and texts all around him started changing with an even faster speed and accelerated.

An hour later, a countless number of codes and other unknown things were given to the cube, and ultimately at this moment, the cube was finally ready to start functioning and doing the job it was commanded by Virus to do.

Now that everything was prepared, looking at the interface which existed all around him he thought, 'It's all ready now', then he mumbled in an low voice, "Let's begin, Initiate."

The moment he uttered these words, the white light which existed in every direction abruptly went off entirely as everything turned completely pitch black. Virus could no longer see anything around him.

But this situation lasted only for around five minutes when eventually, sparks of blue flames started appearing in random places everywhere in the room.

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