The God Virus


Volume 2 - 93 Founded

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Then, they went to the suit shop where the golden beauty chose the black suit for Virus.

At the suit shop, Amara didn't follow after them because of the golden beauty being present there, she decided to wait longer to look for an opportunity when she would leave Aizen for a short period.

After leaving the suit shop, they arrived at Ella's house. Amara who followed them there, parked a little further than them, watching to figure what they were doing here.

She witnessed them getting off the car when she felt like the golden beauty had glanced at her, but that gaze seemed to be random and only for a moment before it was taken back.

Still, this made Amara suspicious as to whether the golden beauty had realized she was following them, but as she took her gaze back quickly, Amara started thinking she was being too paranoid.

After that, the two walked in front of the house, and soon, the door was opened by a girl dressed in red. Seeing her made Amara's face a little dark because she recognized the girl as she had seen her pictures in the report.

According to Amara's own words, she was okay with Aizen even two-timing and dating with both her and Ella, but Virus seemed to not be interested in doing that in the least.

'Just if you give me the opportunity... I'm sure you would choose me, it's okay even if you two-time with me and that girl because even if you do that, you would pick me over her in the end... but why don't you just give me the opportunity to do that?' Amara thought.

Then, as she continued to watch, Virus was dragged away by Ella to the car after her parents appeared and soon, they left together with the golden beauty.

At their next stop, the trio strolled inside a building. Amara too, followed after them while being very careful so as not to be spotted by them.

Soon, they were at the rooftop, where she stealthily observed them from the other side of the door to the rooftop.

A while later, she realized that four men were coming her way, so immediately hiding somewhere, she waited for them to leave before continuing her watch again.

Afterward, as she was monitoring them, the golden beauty piloted the helicopter as they left.

Seeing Virus and Ella, sitting lovey-dovey in the back of the helicopter before they leave, Amara couldn't stop herself from feeling jealous as she thought, 'That should've been me sitting there with Aizen!'



After receiving the news of thousands of similar deaths around the world in the same way as the death of their dear Russian CEO, the Russian government have been looking for the leader of the Heaven Organization to question her and today, they finally received the news of her exact location as they promptly sent their agents to invite her somewhere to talk with their leaders.


After finding everyone in their base dead, filled with hate, sorrow, and guilt, the leader of the Heaven Organization, Electro, together with her left and right men, tried contacting the other members of Heaven which were spread all around the world, but to their dismay and confusion, they couldn't contact any members at all!

But soon, they received the news of random people dying all over the world which made their faces even more ashen and pale than ever before.

Finally, they realized that the Heaven Organization had been annihilated completely and it was no more from that day onwards.

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Then, leaving the base together with all of the information related to their enemies, etc. They tried to find the person behind the ma.s.sacre of their organization in order to take revenge, so the soul of every member of Heaven would be able to finally rest in peace.

Seeing the arcs of electricity around Electro, the person in the lead was very surprised as he mumbled, "So her name wasn't Electro for nothing...".

He was surprised because he didn't know that her power was electricity. Even the people who had sent him were not certain about what her power was exactly.

In reality, very few people were aware of her power of electricity.

One of the reasons as to why no one knew her power was because everyone who had witnessed it were all dead.

Another reason was that all of her targets always died with no particular symptoms whatsoever.

They all just fell and died as their hearts always stopped beating with no rhyme or reason. Other than that, no burning marks or anything similar was ever found on the corpses of her targets, so most of the times they were deemed as experiencing a natural death caused by a normal cardiac arrest. And like this, it wasn't even discovered that her targets have been most of the times.

Prior to this, normally, she would've never shown her power easily to anyone, as she had put lots of effort in keeping it a secret from everyone else.

But that was all under normal circ.u.mstances and prior to the death of her men.

Now, she didn't care at all about her power being revealed to the world because the only thing she wanted was to take revenge.

So, with a bolt of lightning gathering inside her palm, she stared icily at the leader of the group who was in front of her with intense killing intent in her eyes, ready to attack.

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