The God Virus


Volume 2 - 92 Under The Three of Us

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After they left the car, Virus and Ella began walking toward the building hand in hand while the golden beauty was accompanying them escorting Virus closely.

Walking side by side, they entered the building and directly went to the highest floor through the elevator.

Then, from the highest floor, they walked to the roof of the skysc.r.a.per, and upon arriving there, they spotted two people who were apparently expecting someone to appear there.

The trio began walking toward the two after spotting them. And witnessing the trio that had just appeared on the rooftop, the two also began coming at them after a short pause.

When they were by each other's side, one of the two asked, "h.e.l.lo, are you, Mr. Vee."

"Hey, I am, is everything ready?" Virus leisurely replied with a greeting.

Pointing to a helicopter that was behind them, the man continued with a respectful smile on his face, "It's a great fortune meeting you Mr. Vee, I'm Dean Pratt, the person a.s.signed to guide you. The helicopter you see behind me is yours now and you can go wherever you want with it,"

"Also, please note that this is one of the most silent helicopters in the world, and the gla.s.s along with other parts used in producing it are all almost completely soundproof, which means the noise you will hear throughout your trip will be close to none... so I'm sure this will make your short trip much more pleasurable." The man continued, "Oh right, you have permission to park your helicopter here until you have your own parking spot for it too."

"I see, okay good job, tell those two people on the helicopter to leave." Virus stated.

Listening to this, eying the two beauties beside Virus doubtfully, he thought these two beauties must be this charming tyc.o.o.n's sweethearts, then he replied, "But Mr. Vee, they are the temporary pilots we a.s.signed for you... and it seems there are no pilots with you currently... unless, you don't intend to have a ride with your helicopter right now..."

Virus glanced at the golden beauty by his side after hearing Dean's words, "Lil Belle... can you pilot a helicopter?"

The golden beauty replied promptly, "Yes, I can."

"You see? We have a pilot here, is there any other problem?" Virus questioned while staring at the man in front of him calmly.

Dean was surprised that a girl who seemed to be only at the latter parts of her teenage life could pilot a helicopter.

But since the person in front of him was said to be someone he could not offend at any cost, he just agreed and told the man by his side to call the temporary pilots back.

After they all finally left, only Virus, the golden beauty, and Ella were left there.

Now, the three were standing in front of a brand-new helicopter, while they were surrounded by the city lights all around them.

"Do you like our date's flying vehicle?" It was at this moment Virus glanced at the beauty on his side and stated with a broad smile.

Ella was astonished that the helicopter in front of them was for their date, and it seemed it was just bought by Aizen!

This uncontrollably made her very impressed inside as her heart started beating faster, even though she was worrying that it was a waste of money for Aizen.

After that, Virus brought Ella beside the helicopter as he grabbed her hand and helped her board it.

The golden beauty who was previously informed by her master that other than protecting him, he wanted her to pilot the helicopter he was going to buy, went to the pilot seat and began pus.h.i.+ng different b.u.t.tons on it.

Virus and Ella sat at the back while looking at each other's eyes, smiling from time to time.

A couple of minutes later the helicopter started slowly elevating higher and higher as it flew away above the city night filled with light.

Inside, Virus and Ella almost couldn't hear the sound of the helicopter's rotor blade spinning above them, as they were sitting side by side enjoying the view of the city below them which was filled with lights emitting from the cars and skysc.r.a.pers under them.

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They could see the city from under their feet because the bottom of the helicopter was transparent.

The golden beauty who was peeping stealthily, checking them from time to time, glanced back too, but instantly took her gaze back after seeing the scene in her line of sight.

After that, she no longer looked back as her emotions were also entirely unknown.



Outside 4 Times Square, currently, Amara was waiting inside her car like always as she was observing the entry of 4 Times Square from time to time.

She was feeling completely disappointed while thinking Aizen would never appear here if she waited just like this, so she was thinking of coming up with another way to meet Aizen.

She was just about to leave for the day, when her eyes fell on two people who had just left 4 Times square, just like her, a large number of other people were observing them too, lost in themselves.

Spotting them, she immediately realized it was Aizen, so immediately getting off her car, she rushed at him, but before she could even pa.s.s the street, Aizen drove away with the golden beauty.

Not giving up, she hurried back to her own car as she began following them.



"Master, I think the car behind us is following us... if you park somewhere quiet, I'll deal with it." The golden beauty told Virus who was driving at the moment.

"I know... it's okay, let her just follow us." Virus only replied as such before continuing his drive in silence, making the golden beauty confused as to why it was okay for that car to follow them.

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