The God Virus


Volume 2 - 91 Odd?

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She was sure any girl would be immediately doomed into falling for his boyfriend the moment they saw this devilish look of him.

The notion which pa.s.sed through her mind honestly made her worried about the future, worried and also jealous of the thought of too many girls looking at him all the time.

"Shall we get going now, my lovely Elle?" receiving no response and realizing his first time speaking didn't bring her out of it, Virus talked again.

This time, finally snapping out of her daze, Ella responded a little embarra.s.sed of her previous state, "...Uhh... yes, let's go."

Reaching out the palm of his left hand, Virus sent a signal to her to put her hand on his, so he would escort her to the car.

Understanding his meaning, Ella was about to reach her right hand out when two people appeared behind Ella, but the moment they appeared, they were stupefied by the looks of this man in front of their door.

Because this was the first time they were seeing Virus, their reaction was even more intense than Ella's just now.

However, Ella's dad was quite quick in gathering his wits together, unlike Ella's mom who stayed dumbfounded for a longer period of time.

Seeing his features, Ella's dad could only appreciate this man's look which had a perfect face and body, he thought even though his hair was silver in color, oddly it didn't look unnatural at all on him and he guessed it was a natural hair, not a dyed one, and it fit his perfect face to an almost unbelievable degree, unlike when most other men dyed their hair which gave a strange feeling like they had a problem or a special kind of mindset.

Virus who clearly saw Ella's parents behind her, took back his reached out hand to Ella's bafflement.

Then, before her parents came out of their stunned state, he greeted them, "h.e.l.lo, I'm Ella's boyfriend, it's lovely finally meeting you two."

Hearing Virus' words, Ella understood what was happening, as she instantly turned around looking at her parents, while her mom came out of her dazed look with Virus' voice as she could finally gather her wits and reply, "Ah, Hi, our daughter's boyfriend seems to be super charming..."

After uttering her greeting with what seemed to be a compliment, she was about to continue when her husband interrupted with his own greeting while reaching his hand out in order to shake it with the man in front of him, "h.e.l.lo..."

Because Daniel was a man who believed the way a man shook hands with another would talk and reveal a lot about the other party's personality.

Virus reached his hand out as he shook it with Daniel with a strong grip as he put a small smile on his face. But shortly after, he took his hand back.

Afterward, without stating anything more Daniel looked at his daughter and questioned her, "Daughter, would you mind introducing him to us?"

"...Ah, yes dad, he... he is my boyfriend and his name is Aizen Vee." A little surprised by her father's question, Ella answered.

"..." Hearing this, Daniel gazed at Virus once again, as he inquired him directly this time, "Why are you dating my daughter?"

Listening to the inquiry, truthfully, Virus didn't like it as he disliked to be questioned. But nevertheless, looking at Ella's nervous face, he spoke without any kind of nervousness or impatience in his voice, "Of course, it's because I like your daughter."

Listening to his simple and straight to the point answer, Daniel seemed to be satisfied and relieved a little.

But then, for the first time, his eyes fell on the golden beauty by the side which he had ignored because of his mind being too occupied by the thought of his daughter's boyfriend. But the moment his eyes fell on her, he was astonished as he uncontrollably asked, "Who is she?"

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Without any delay in his response, Virus provided an answer, "She's my family."


Virus had just driven away with the two beauties when Ella looked at him and inquired, "Where are we going, my Ai?"

Hearing that, Virus only replied with, "You will naturally now when we get there."

It was at this moment when the golden beauty's phone started ringing, looking at its screen, she saw that the caller was the CEO ugly. Answering it, she asked, "What is it?"

"Master's order is already prepared at the address I just texted you." The CEO ugly replied from the other side of the line.

"Okay..." Then immediately hanging up on the CEO ugly, she reported the address to her master. And hearing it, Virus nodded his head.

But oddly, the direction to which Virus was driving, even before the call connected was exactly in line with the address.

After that, Ella kept glancing at Virus who was driving, while asking some things from time to time, trying to talk to him as much as she could.

Other than that, the three conversed about some casual matters until they were finally at their destination.

Currently, Virus had parked in front of a very tall skysc.r.a.per. This was the address the CEO ugly had texted to the golden beauty.

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