The God Virus


Volume 2 - 90 Out of The World

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"How is it?" Virus asked.

Finally, snapping out of it by her master's voice, she replied, "Master... you're out of this world right now, hehe. But, it's not the suit that is making you extraordinary, it's you who is making the suit look more remarkable while also elevating your own manly quality at the same time."

Listening to the golden beauty's complimentary description, Virus grinned as he replied, "Haha, thanks, lil Belle... Okay then, let's go."

Then they started walking out of the suit shop as they went beside a parked black Audi Q3 which was known as Virus Q3 now.

Virus directly walked beside the driver's door as he went inside while the golden beauty hopped in the car to the front pa.s.senger seat.

Then Virus started driving toward his destination, which was his girlfriend's house. On the way though, they both almost didn't talk at all.

When it was exactly one hour later since Virus had told Ella that he would be there in an hour, Virus parked in front of a particular house.

Turning the engine off, Virus glanced at the golden beauty beside him and said, "Let's go pick my Ella up."

"You want me to come too, master? Wouldn't that look bad? Maybe I should wait in the car?" The golden beauty asked with a worried look on her face.

"Of course you have to come. I need you to protect me all the time, this world is filled with variables and anything can happen at any time, so we need to be extremely cautious at all the times." Virus explained the importance of her being with him at all times.

Listening to her master's world, the golden beauty's eyes shone in understanding as she realized she should make protecting her master the top-priority rather than worrying about his date, so she replied, "I understand master."

After that, they got off the car as Virus started walking toward the house which was in front of them.

The golden beauty too left the car and was about to follow her master, but before that, at the moment she got off of the car, she noticed a car parked a couple of hundred meters further back from them, but like she hadn't seen it at all, immediately taking back her gaze from it, she hurried after her master as she began accompanying him by his side.

Walking side by side, they finally arrived in front of the house's door. The house seemed to be the home of a middle-cla.s.s family.


Ringing the bell on the door, they waited for someone to open the door.

And a while later, the sound of rus.h.i.+ng footsteps was heard as the door was opened.

Then, as the door opened, a lovely beauty appeared in Virus' line of sight.

The lovely beauty in front of him was wearing A-line off-the-shoulder short red satin which elevated and heightened her loveliness and alluring quality from a top-notch beauty to an almost otherworldly beauty.

Her short red satin reached to her knees making her legs from knee part under be visible and naked, while her hands too were completely naked showing her smooth skin under.

Virus was impressed by her looks, as she was giving a completely different vibe from her usual self.

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The difference between the usual Ella and the Ella of right now was that the usual Ella who dressed normally was a beauty who emitted a graceful and pure aura from herself, while the current Ella in front of him was giving off an intensely heightened quality of loveliness and allure at the same time.

She agreed this was not the time to question her daughter, because right now, she believed it was the time to notify Daniel about this and interrogate their daughter's boyfriend first.

Pa.s.sing by her mom, Ella rushed to the door and opened it without any hesitation.

Then, she saw two people standing in front of their doorstep. First, her eye-sight fell on the golden beauty, instantly recognizing her by her golden looks, but she was confused as to why she was here too. nevertheless, putting that matter aside for now, her gaze was directed at the second person who she expected to be her boyfriend Aizen.

But the moment her eyes fell on him, she was startled into being dumbfounded. Like her expectations, the person in front of her was truly her boyfriend, but she didn't recognize him for a moment, because right now, he was wearing a black suit which completely made him look so G.o.dlike and totally out of the world!

She felt like the words hot and charming could no longer be used to describe him.

That black suit on him which was exactly befitting of his body was emphasizing his perfect muscled body in a way that would daze any girl at first glance.

And this suited up body together with his perfect looks, made anyone looking at him be stupefied of how this kind of face could coexist with this kind of body.

"Hey, my lovely Ella. Your beauty has a dominating loveliness to itself tonight." It was at this moment when Virus finally talked as she was still continuing to be dazed and dumbfounded by his looks and body.

But instead of snapping out of her dazed state after hearing Virus' voice, she sank more into it.

A part of the reason as to why she was so dazzled and dazed was because now that he was broadly smiling, he looked like a completely different person altogether, as the dimples on his face were showing and his eyes were smiling together with him.

The most important thing that stunned her was after witnessing that small mole under the right side of his right eye mixed with his smiling eyes, which added an extremely devilish nature to him, making him be seen completely different than the usual Virus with his now suited manly look.

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