The God Virus


Volume 2 - 83 The Whole World Shall...

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The moment the Legal ugly left, Virus started wondering about the changes his appearance in this time will cause in the near future by the actions he took to this very moment.

He was certain that because of the big deeds he had done, like founding the Virus Industries, the scale of the b.u.t.terfly effect of the things he has caused with his interference would be very enormous.

Things that were supposed to happen in ten years were happening at this very moment, and in the near future things that were originally going to happen in hundreds of years later would happen.

Wondering about these, he began a.n.a.lyzing and predicting the direction the world would possibly go from now on because of everything he had done until now. And the vague possible conclusion he reached made him certain that a large number of matters were progressing in a different path altogether now.

A lot of events, incidents, etc. That was supposed to happen in the near future would not happen because of him.

For example, people who were supposed to die in accidents or because of other reasons won't die now, while people who were supposed to live might also die.

Currently, everything was changing, but this was not all, and from now on, the more the time progressed forward, the more different it would get from the future he was aware of.

Just as he wanted to a.s.sess the situation from different perspectives and viewpoints, the sound of the elevator was heard, which let Virus know that the CEO ugly had arrived.

So coming out of his contemplation, he looked at the CEO ugly who was now standing in front of him with a respectful look in his eyes.

"How are the preparations progressing for the production of the new cars?" Virus questioned the CEO ugly opening his mouth.

Listening to his master's query, the CEO ugly replied, "Everything like the materials are already prepared, now the only things we need is the blueprints, so we could begin making the cars while doing the other necessary matters."

Virus mused to himself after hearing the CEO ugly's report, 'Hmmm, what cars should I release?... Just jumping one or two years won't be any good, so I should release the cars that were going to be released in a couple of years later.'

A while after pondering to himself, he finally decided, 'So... the better cars that were introduced in 2017 should be good enough... yes.'

'I should include most of the luxurious cars on the list too. Also, beside just cars, I should give the CEO ugly some other automotive blueprints...' After that, he finally stopped deliberating over it as he began declaring the orders, "Okay... I've sent you a set of blueprints, go do the necessary things and start producing them as fast as you can."

"Yes, master." The CEO ugly replied in obedience as he was about to leave to accomplish the orders.

But before he started walking, Virus opened his mouth again, "Oh, by the way, how is everything progressing with matters related to our starting capital?"

While the CEO ugly was on the way to the highest floor, he was actually expecting his master to have summoned him mainly for questioning him about this matter, so he had already thought of his answer. Therefore, without any pause, he immediately replied, "It's all progressing very well master, just like you've ordered, I've made that thing with the device I brought back from the island and I've already released it to the world."

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He continued, "Even though the world is still unaware of what's going on at the moment, they will definitely start realizing it one of these days, and the whole world shall... "

The secretary started calling everyone immediately as she told them the exact orders she had received. Hearing the orders, every head of the departments started running toward the conference meeting room because they knew if the CEO said fifteen minutes, they had to be there in fifteen minutes.



The heads of each department were all already in the conference room, quietly discussing why they were all suddenly summoned.

Some of them were in a meeting with their own department employees, while some of them were eating food at the cafeteria, and one of them was even in the toilet relieving himself when they all received the calls.

After answering their phones, without any hesitation, they all stopped what they were doing and began running toward the conference meeting room.

This was all because just recently, when a department head was summoned by the CEO ugly, that person was late by ten minutes, making the CEO ugly wait for a whole ten minutes.

And when that department head finally arrived at the CEO ugly's office, the CEO ugly fired him immediately, telling him that every minute of his time was extremely precious.

Since that day, all of the department heads were extremely accurate in their time management because they were terrified of the fate of being fired from this amazing company just because they were late by a couple of minutes.

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