The God Virus


Volume 2 - 82 The Oval Office

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Currently, Virus was at the highest floor of his 4 Times Square like always as he was eating food.

But this food was no ordinary food, it was the second food the golden beauty had made for him personally and Virus was thinking it was really delicious.

Just as he was about to compliment the golden beauty, someone came to his floor.



The FBI beauty had just left 4 Times Square as she was on her way back to report the matter to her boss.

After she finally arrived at her destination, she straight away went to see her boss.

Knocking on the door to her boss' office, she entered. Her boss was doing nothing at the moment as he seemed to be impatiently walking right and left inside his office waiting for the news his agent would bring back soon.

Seeing the agent he was waiting for enter his office, before giving her a chance to talk, he questioned her, with impatience clear in his voice, "What happened?"

The FBI beauty just replied back seeing how anxious her boss was, "Boss, I was rejected from meeting their chairman for the moment, they said he can't meet anyone currently, but I feel like they are playing hard-to-get."

Her boss' face changed a little listening to her answer as he got a little angry, "This is outrageous! Who do they think they are to stall the country?!"

"Well, boss calm down, they are businessmen after all, and all they look at is probably profit, so I was thinking maybe they are avoiding us to get better conditions later?" The FBI beauty expressed, this was the conclusion she had reached after pondering a lot, while she was on her way back.

Her boss seemed to calm down a little after hearing her words as he responded, "That's probably it. Anyway, I need to report this to the higher-ups, they are putting special importance on this matter as they believe the Virus Industries are hiding a lot more than they show on the surface, so they want to have this cooperation with them no matter what!"

"In the meantime, you keep calling them until they schedule us a specific time for a meeting." He ended his words with this as he no longer paid any attention to the FBI beauty, as he went behind his desk wanting to call and notify his own anxious boss who was waiting for the results.

After the FBI beauty left her boss' office, she became determined to call the Legal ugly's office every two hours to try arranging a meeting with their chairman.



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Currently, the president of the United States of America was sitting behind a desk in his Oval Office, when the phone on the desk started ringing.

Seeing this, Virus couldn't help but muse to himself, "Maybe it's time I stop this order of them not being able to talk before I allow them to, it's just kinda tedious and unnecessary phrasing from my part."

After this short muse, he uttered, "What is it Legal ugly?"

Listening to his master give him the permission to talk, he voiced what was going through his mind, "Master, I'm sure you already know about this, but I thought it would be better if I reported this matter personally."

"Don't worry and just state what's on your mind." Virus told him with a grin that seemed to give the Legal ugly the a.s.sumption that he was truly aware of what was going on.

"Master, I've been called a lot by the government's agent in charge of the matter of cooperation today, and the government seems to want this cooperation very badly with our company. I came here because I want to know what I should do and how should I deal with this matter? Should I reject them completely or...?" The Legal ugly emptied almost everything that was on his mind currently.

Listening to the Legal uglies query, with a broad smile Virus declared, "You can reply back to them and tell them we will have a meeting in..." Virus continued and stated a specific time and date in which he would meet their agent.

"Yes, master." The Legal ugly replied back, finally aware of what he should do from now on.

"Okay, you can go back now. Oh right, also go and tell the CEO ugly to come to my floor." Giving him further orders, Virus dismissed him.

After that, the Legal ugly left the floor to where the CEO ugly was at currently, but while he was on the way, he began to deliberate over what his master had declared, 'It seems master has decided to take the deal with the government...but I don't know why he would do that... or maybe I'm overthinking this and he just wants to reject the agent personally... Well, my job is to only follow master's orders, I'm sure he has his reasons for arranging this meeting.'

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