The God Virus


Volume 2 - 75 She's Back

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"Also other than that, the pain I will experience is going to be almost unimaginable, so I need the WRD's function of sending and bringing me back from the state of induced coma."

He finished his explanation with, "If it weren't for these three reasons, I wouldn't need the WRD at all."

It seemed like Virus had completely forgotten about the fact that he had just murdered thousands of people a little while ago, as he started getting ready for the next level of his purifying stage while yawning.

If anyone was currently seeing how indifferent he seemed just after he had killed thousands of people, that person would definitely start sweating bullets out of terror while standing beside him.

"Oh... alright, then let's do this master..." The golden beauty nodded again as she continued "But master, what are you going to do this time? Are you still going to purify your body? And if yes, what part of your body is it gonna be?"

Looking at the golden beauty he replied "Well, I am going to purify a part of my body this time too... but as to where I want to purify..."

He grinned as he continued "You will know it naturally later, just know this level is going to be another part of my body too, unlike the next level which will be different from this one and the previous ones altogether."

The golden beauty once again knew she wasn't going to be provided with a whole answer, which frustrated her inside as she unconsciously pouted very cutely.

After looking at her cute face in amus.e.m.e.nt, Virus walked beside the WRD as he told the golden beauty to put the thick brownish liquid inside it.

At the same time Virus started providing commands to the WRD like always, but unlike the past times, it didn't even take two minutes for it to be ready.

After the WRD was ready he first told the golden beauty to send away anyone who comes and tries to disturb him, then he went inside it, as he lay there and commanded the WRD to start working.


As Virus was focusing all his attention on the next level of the purifying stage with a complete disinterest in the thousands of people that had just been killed by him, like it wasn't even related to him, the whole world was in chaos as at least someone had died everywhere in the world all of a sudden.



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Virus was still inside the WRD when someone came to see the chairman of the Virus Industries.

But nevertheless, she replied, "Ah I'm really sorry for that time, it was a mistake from our part to start going around only based on rumors..."

"..." After the Legal ugly remained silent for a short period of time he asked "Why did they send you? Don't they really want to have this cooperation between us?"

The FBI beauty got really upset listening to his words as she thought inside 'What's wrong with me being the one to come?', she really felt like crying when she heard this, but still keeping that brave face of hers she answered back by saying "Well, the government sent me because I've already been in contact with your company so they thought the wisest decision would be to send me, and thus here I am, but if you are not satisfied with me in any way, you can totally tell me so I would tell the higher-ups that you requested the agent to be changed."

After listening to her words, with a completely indifferent tone, the Legal ugly responded, "It doesn't really matter to me who the agent is or who is in charge of this, it's the chairman who will decide if you are good enough to be the bridge between our cooperation or not, or even if he wants to have a cooperation between the United States and his company at all."

"Oh, can I please meet the chairman then?" The FBI beauty asked with quizzical eyes.

"Well, I don't know the answer to that question either, as I don't know if the chairman would be willing to meet at all, but... I will go and check if he's willing to meet... wait here." The Legal ugly stated as he turned around leaving to the highest floor of 4 Times Square and five minutes later he was there.

But when he arrived at the highest floor, as the elevator's door opened, he was about to go and find his master when a sword appeared on his neck all of a sudden, as he heard a cold voice commanding him "Go away, master can't meet with anyone right now, not even you."

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