The God Virus


Volume 2 - 65 Hunt 1

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There was no camera at the pa.s.sage but after they finally came out of the hidden pa.s.sage, the corridor was filled with cameras and they were oddly still recording as Virus seemed not to have turned them off, but even more oddly, no security guards were coming to see who these suspicious men with baseball caps and masks were, it was as if they were not here at all.

The golden beauty who had a hunch of what was going on asked curiously "Master, why is no one coming here even though the cameras seem to be still on?"

"Well, the cameras being on doesn't mean they can see us, right now, I did a little something so everything seems completely normal in the control room as we are like ghosts on their screens, invisible." Virus replied with an indifferent tone, as he continued, "And as for why didn't I turn them off, I'm sure you can guess that if I had turned them off, they would try to fix them which means they would need come to check and fix them."

"Okay, now focus, be careful to follow me very closely from now on." Virus said just as he was done explaining to the golden beauty after he made the three completely understand.

Agreeing to the order, they all nodded their heads in compliance.

After that, Virus stopped at some areas for around a second or more, while he quickened his pace at some of the corridors and at some, he even took a detour.

At first, the three didn't know what was going on, but soon they understood what was happening exactly without asking.

Even though they were walking at the main corridors of the hotel, they had not seen a single person the whole way, this meant that their master was avoiding everywhere that a person was walking by.

If a person was going to pa.s.s by a corridor, he would stop or quicken the pace while detour if it was too crowded.

They had also taken an elevator to another floor, but while they were inside the elevator, the elevator straightly went to the floor they wanted without waiting on the way for those who wanted to get in the elevator.

After around twenty minutes, they were standing in front of a hotel room quietly.

The golden beauty and the two uglies didn't know why they were waiting in front of this room, but they could guess that the reason why they had come here was probably behind this door, so they were looking forward to meeting this reason.

Virus had raised his left hand as he was looking at its middle finger at the moment, there was a pitch black ring on that finger of his which was there since the day the White-Ray Device was delivered to him, this was one of the 'toys' Virus had ordered the Island ugly to make for him in his pa.s.sing.

It took a moment for Virus' mind to connect to it when the ring seemed to melt and then transform into a very beautiful futuristic black matte handgun.

There was a line of blue light above the trigger on it's left and right sides which continued from the rear sight to the middle parts of the gun.

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There were about ten pairs of vertical blue dots of light too on the two sides of the front rear of the gun which continued from the trigger guard to almost the muzzle. All in all, it seemed to be a very complicated weapon.

Coming beside her master, her eyes were still at the gun as she said with those hidden s.h.i.+ning eyes of hers "So cool!"

Some seconds later she looked at her master with stars still s.h.i.+ning in them as she asked "Master, that gun so so cool! Can I touch it?"

Looking at the golden beauty, Virus laughed as he saw the amusing reaction she had after seeing the gun, as he had predicted she would react like this.

After the laugh, he said, "Sure, here you go." As he tossed over the gun to her which she easily caught. Then, she completely forgot the situation she was in as all of her focus was drawn away and put on the cool handgun.

Meanwhile, the two uglies were no longer surprised about the gun in the least, knowing some of their master's capabilities, honestly, they were surprised in the first place because they thought the gun was really cool too as it could transform.

After that, they took their masks and off like Virus had, while the golden beauty had taken them off the moment she had received the gun to check it out and see the gun more clearly without her

Now, the two uglies attention were no longer on the gun like the golden beauty, as they were looking at the paralyzed man at this moment, and seeing his face, the two uglies were immediately shocked because they recognized him.

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