The God Virus


Volume 2 - 64 Moscow

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Eleven hours after the jet had taken off, the four finally arrived at Moscow, the capital city of Russia.

When they were above Moscow, the golden beauty's eyes were s.h.i.+ning in excitement as she stared out of the jet at the city underneath.

After the uglies landed the jet, they guided the jet to a location where a black 2002 Ford F-650 Super Limo Bus 5297 was waiting for them with a middle-aged man beside it.

The first one to get off the jet was the CEO ugly and seeing him getting off, the man immediately recognized him seeing his ugly feature as he walked towards him.

"Welcome to Russia Mr. Greg, hope you have a wonderful time here at Moscow." He said respectfully with a Russian accent, it was obvious he was a native from here.

This man was in charge of the Moscow Branch of Virus Industries in Russia, right now the Russian branch wasn't doing well because of the deactivation of the phones all over the country, and the Russian government was also very hostile toward them at the moment, if it wasn't because they had signed the contracts themselves, the situation would have been even much worse.

But still, the branch still wasn't closed down, though they were targeted a lot by the government and even the common people since the Russian government had rejected to compromise. Lots of common people were angry at the Virus Industries too, for deactivating the phones they had paid for.

The CEO ugly had called him as they were on the way to the airport, telling him to prepare a good and strong car for them.

The CEO ugly hadn't said exactly who was coming with him to Russia, the only thing he had said was that he was coming to Russia and he wanted a good and strong car ready, as he was only relaying Virus' orders.

"Hmm, did you prepare the thing I told you over the phone?" After nodding his head the CEO ugly asked.

"Yes, I prepared it just as I was ordered. Here is the key." The man replied as he reached a car key out with both of his hands very politely as he continued "Just like I was ordered, I prepared a very good car which is very strong and hard too, I hope you like it."

Seeing the CEO ugly take the key and nod his head again like he was satisfied, the Russian middle-aged man continued, "Please tell me if you need anything else Mr. Greg, I will definitely accomplish it."

"Very good, you can go now, I'll call you if I need anything else." The CEO ugly said.

"But do you know Moscow? I could be your guide..." The middle-aged man said.

"No need, I know the way." The CEO ugly replied back as he had the satellite map of all of the world in his memory, so he would be able to find his way wherever he was on this Earth.

"... Okay, Mr. Greg, I had another question related to our branch in Russia, as you know the situation is not..." As he was continuing he was interrupted by the CEO ugly as he ordered, "Go for now, we will talk about this matter over the phone when I'm done with my business here."

"Yes, Mr. Greg." The middle-aged man respectfully replied as he went to a little further where a black Sedan was waiting for him with a person beside it who opened the door for the middle-aged man, but what no one saw and realized was that a very small fly had entered their car too.

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After he got the keys and the middle-aged man went back, Virus and the golden beauty along with the Legal ugly got off the jet as they started walking toward the CEO ugly who was waiting beside the Super Limo Bus.

"Put them on." After they were at their destination, Virus pointed at the bag which the Legal ugly had brought with himself, inside which were, masks, wigs, gloves, and baseball caps.

Following the orders they all put them on, even though the two uglies and the golden beauty didn't know for what reason they had come here, they knew it wasn't something good.

After all of them including Virus put them on, they got off the Super Limo Bus as Virus said "Follow me."


Right now, Virus, the golden beauty, and the two uglies were walking in a relaxed speed inside the hotel from another pa.s.sage of the hotel which was hidden, probably made for shady reasons.

Virus and the golden beauty were walking beside each other while the two uglies were following behind them.

But the golden beauty's hair was no longer gold, it was black, just as Virus' and the other uglies, they all had put on wigs.

They had and masks on too so it was impossible to see their expressions or eyes, no one would recognize them now even if they examined the four from a very close distance.

Right now, the four were walking inside the hidden pa.s.sage and their walk took around five minutes.

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