The God Virus


Volume 2 - 63 Curiosity And Suspense

Report Chapter

"Thanks, lil Belle, did anything happen while I wasn't awake?" Virus questioned.

"No, only the CEO ugly came, but I sent him away for now." The golden beauty said without any change in expression.

Listening to her report, Virus grinned looking at her face but didn't probe further.

"So where and what did you purify this time, master?" She asked a little curious.

"Hmm, well, let me guide you to answer that question yourself, " Virus said looking at the golden beauty.

Listening to him not answer like the usual, the golden beauty had a quizzical smile on her face with blinking eyes.

Seeing her eyes blink in some curiosity, Virus continued "The place I purified has two types of red and yellow. The yellow color in the yellow type is due to the much higher number of fat cells. At birth, all of them are of the red type and both types contain numerous blood vessels and capillaries. There are also several serious diseases involving this part of the body which I purified. You should have guessed where I purified at the first sentence, right?" Virus asked with a dimpled smile.

"Hehe, yes, I had figured the answer when I heard there are two types of yellow and red, the purified place of the body is the bone marrow, It is the place where new blood cells are produced and it has also two types of stem cells: first, hemopoietic, which can produce blood cells and second, stromal, which can produce fat, cartilage, and bone." She replied with s.h.i.+ning eyes like she wanted to be complimented for knowing her stuff.

Reading her s.h.i.+ning eyes, Virus said "Hahaha, great job my lil Belle."

The place he had purified was indeed the bone marrow and it was the eighth level of the Purifying Stage which was called: Cleansing The Bone Marrow.

"But, master, when are you going to be done with purifying your body and why are you so insistent on purifying your whole body?" The golden beauty asked with a quizzical look in her eyes.

Listening to her question Virus answered as such "I'm almost done, and about why I'm so insistent on purifying my whole body, well, that's because it's very important especially for me to have a completely pure body with immunity to impurities. But, having this kind of body would be very beneficial to anyone who cultivates, as it would be like having a stronger foundation as I told you in the past and it would make cultivation much easier as it would be like increasing the potential the body has."

Now according to the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi, not only had he achieved the complete Purifying Stage but also done far more than that as he had purified all of the eight levels perfectly by hundred percent, this was almost a myth in the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi.

"I see." The golden beauty answered as she understood.

Now Virus only needed to wait for his Bone Marrow to be completely immune, but for the meantime, he wanted to finish some of his unfinished business.


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They could only guess and their best guess led them to think Virus wanted to do something about the Russian CEO, but that was just their best guess.

While the two were at the flight deck, piloting the jet, Virus and the golden beauty were at the back relaxing.

Virus had a gla.s.s of red wine on his left hand as he was staring out of the jet's window at the clouds as he laid back on his seat relaxing and thinking about something.

An hour later, after the golden beauty was done looking out of the window with s.h.i.+ning eyes as she got tired of it, probably for a while, she finally couldn't contain her curiosity as she asked looking at her master who was savoring the wine and scenery as he lay down on his seat relaxingly "Master, why are we going to Russia? Is it to deal with the Russian CEO?"

Seeing her no longer able to contain her curiosity, Virus came out of his relaxed mood as he started laughing "Hahaha, my lil Belle truly couldn't contain her curiosity, I thought you would last for another two hours before asking."

Listening to her master's answer the golden beauty pouted as she thought 'It's because you always don't tell me what you are doing or where we are going for what reason exactly, so I'm forced to ask, hmph.'

"Well, my reason for going there is not for the Russian CEO... that's all I have to say, you will know the rest for yourself soon, haha." Seeing her cutely annoyed face as she pouted, Virus answered her question with an answer that could probably count as half an answer.

This answer made the golden beauty even more curious as it made her even more frustrated inside, but her only option was to wait and see for herself as she knew her master wouldn't tell her the complete answer, she thought her master seems to enjoy keeping people at suspense.

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