The God Virus


Volume 2 - 62 Crying Ugly

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"Master, everything is ready, I've emptied the yellowish-white liquid which was made by the MDA to the WRD. Now, master just needs to give the commands to the WRD and then go inside it." The golden beauty said as she walked in front of her master who was drinking red wine at the moment.

"Okay, good job my lil Bella." Virus said as he gulped down the rest of his gla.s.s of red wine as he stood up from the couch.

Then, he started walking towards the White-Ray Device as he said "Guard beside the WRD this time too and don't allow anyone to disturb or get nearby, not even the uglies."

"Yes, master." The golden beauty answered with a serious face.

Then as Virus arrived in front of the White-Ray Device he stopped as he started looking at it.

A very huge amount of words in that futuristic language kept appearing on its 3D screen, but they disappeared almost as soon as they appeared, only to be replaced by another set of words as Virus kept adding more commands into the WRD.

This level of the Purifying Stage was a very important level as this part of the body was in charge of lots of important matters of the body.

Except wanting to breakthrough to the next level faster, there was another reason for why Virus stopped dealing with the allied CEOs matters just to breakthrough to the next level of the Purifying Stage the moment his bones were immune.

The reason was because if he doesn't purify this level and this part of his body faster, most of the impurities will remain in that specific part of the body as the other surrounding parts of the body, which all didn't allow any impurities, might lead the impurities or the destroyed impurities to this specific part of the body, if it doesn't get immune as fast as possible.

And as time pa.s.sed these impurities will increase and acc.u.mulate in that specific part of his body leading to unknown side effects, and that was the most important reason why Virus didn't want to wait for even a second longer before starting the process.

After he was finally done with the commands, the White-Ray Device was now like an expert surgeon ready to act according to the different situation it may face in the process of operation.

"Good luck, master." The golden beauty said with a bright smile before his master went into the WRD.

He looked at the golden beauty's face as he smiled back at her for a moment before he lay down inside the coffin-like WRD and its door was closed.

Again, a series of commands started appearing on the 3D screen of the White-Ray Device, but it was very short, as it started working soon. At the same time, a text appeared on the 3D screen stating: The surgery has been initiated, please refrain from interrupting the process as it may put the patient at risk.

Inside the WRD before anything else, Virus was put into a coma like before, though a matter worth mentioning was that this induced coma which the WRD put him in, had no side effects like the induced coma which the hospitals puts the patients in.

After he was put in a coma, almost everything that happened was the same as the previous level.

First, his bones got softened again by the White-Ray just as before, and then those thinner than hair-like needles started injecting the yellowish-white liquid into different parts of his bones.

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But the difference this time was that those very thin needles were sinking much deeper in the bones.

"..." There was a couple of seconds of silence before he received a response from her.

"Master told me to guard beside him and to not allow anyone to disturb or get near him, not even the uglies.... so...I'm just following orders, now return." The golden beauty replied.

Listening to her the CEO ugly now truly felt like crying in depression for real as he thought 'But he didn't tell you to scare us away while putting a sword at our neck, did he?!'

"Go away, I can't take any risks." The chilly and cold voice of the golden beauty brought him out of his thoughts as he answered with a depressed voice "Okay, see you later miss."

After that, he turned around leaving the floor with that depressed ugly face of his.


Around ten hours had pa.s.sed since the CEO ugly left, the hovering 3D screen of the WRD showed a text stating: The operation is complete.

As she saw the 3D screen, the door of the coffin-like WRD was opened as Virus sat down inside it, he checked what time it was, only to see it was six in the morning, after knowing the time he thought 'So it had taken around twenty hours for the operation and the process to be over huh..."

"Welcome back master." As he was in his own thoughts he was brought back by a very sweet sounding voice, even sweeter than the sweetest candy in the world.

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