The God Virus


Volume 2 - 57 From Peak To Bottom 5

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Seeing how excited she seemed and thinking he had to report this matter to his master anyway, with the usual blank stare of his, he monotonously said. "I'll see what happens, but no promises."

'Though master should have already seen this, I better report it as he seems to like living like a normal person at the moment.' he thought inside.

"YESS! That's all I'm asking for! Thank you... really thank you. Can I have your phone number so I would be able to call you when I have something to ask?" she said excitedly, while still maintaining eye contact with him.

"No." He just rejected her straightly making the FBI beauty annoyed and also surprised inside, she had rarely asked for other people's phone number and this was the first time she was rejected! And without a moment of hesitation at that, this made her think that maybe she wasn't attractive for him and his taste might be completely into another gender, but that thought was rejected quickly because in this short period of time she was with him, she had him under her watch and it seemed he didn't show any kind of emotion to anyone, it was like he was completely emotionless and not interested in anything.

Still not wanting to give up, she said "I just said I want your phone number so if any questions or matters related to that case arise, I would be able to get in contact easily."

While she said that, she thought inside 'I only asked your phone number in order to get the news of the related matters to your company's technology, otherwise, why would a beauty like me ask for the number of such an ugly person like you, hmph.'

"If you have any questions you can contact the Legal Department and they will answer accordingly. And in case they can't, they will connect the call to my office naturally. If there is nothing else I shall take my leave." The Legal ugly said as he started walking to the door of the interrogation room while he said "Let's go."

The fifteen lawyers still followed behind him and left with the Legal ugly. They didn't get to use their skills even once as they were going back still disciplined behind the Legal ugly, they all had similar thoughts like 'It's seems we were only used as decoration, sigh.' But as they would be paid a lot for this, they didn't have the slightest of objection, they were even happy to gain some free money by just following the head of the Legal Department.

Even the Legal ugly's skills were not needed in the least as he just showed them the video.



Seeing the FBI do the necessary things needed to act against the allied phone companies, and seeing the press conference held by the CEO ugly, he first send the video named 'One' to all of the countries that the allied phone companies were at, then he waited patiently for a while.

After some time pa.s.sed and he made sure all of the governments related have seen the video and made enough preparations to act against them.

But as he had expected some of the governments didn't start acting against those allied companies that existed in their countries.

Virus thought this was understandable as the existence of those companies in their countries helped a lot in their economic section.

But the economy of other countries including the United States didn't matter to Virus in the least, so with a sly smile he said, "Let's create another wave." As he said, he began sending the video to all of the news agencies, television channels, internet news, and whatnot, big or small, around the world.

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The golden beauty who was beside her master, as usual, knew another storm was coming to the world.

"I know, but still..." She understood that he was a busy guy, but still, as a girl, she wanted her boyfriend to spend some of his time with her, now however much busy he was.

"How about this, after I'm done with my things here, I would take you out on a date, but for now, you can come to my building to spend some time with me, while I do my things... ." Virus said.

Even though hearing this made her happy, she was honestly still feeling a little down and upset inside, so she hesitantly accepted, as she replied in a low voice "Okay..."

Immediately after hearing her say 'okay', he called the nearest taxi in the vicinity, telling it to go to where Ella was at, while he told Ella "Okay then, a taxi will come to the place you're staying at in a moment, it will bring you to my building and when you get here, someone will guide you to me."

Thinking about how her boyfriend could even make a Communication Device as small as a cell, she wasn't surprised that he could immediately send her a taxi the moment she had accepted to come, so she just said, "Okay."

Then after Virus said he will wait for her, they hung up as the taxi arrived before her immediately.

After hanging up, he looked at the golden beauty who was sitting right beside him as he said, "My lil beauty, please tell the reception to send Ella to my floor alone through the elevator when she gets here."

"Okay, master." The golden beauty said as she called reception, ordering them to do what her master had said.

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